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Nizhegorodtsev R. M., Vitushkina T. P.†† Formation and Usage of Innovational Competencies as an Instrument of Management for Life Cycles of Technological Innovations

Authors of the paper implement and characterize the role of innovational competencies for the managing of technologies’ lifecycles. The character of competencies that properly impacts the technological shifts driving on each stage is performed, basing on a Zodiac model for the lifecycles of technologies. The main problems of the strategic management for the technologies’ lifecycles are also pointed out.


Key words: innovation competencies; lifecycle of a technology; innovative firm; strategic management.

Kolbachev E. B., Moskovchenko V. M.†† Transportation Factors of the Development for the Production and National Security of the Modern Russia

Authors analyzed the role that the transportation processes play in the functioning of country’s social and economic systems. It’s shown that modeling of these processes should be based on the functions of transportation system of the economy, such as giving citizens a possibility for the high level of the life quality and human resource development by meeting the requirements in relocation and other interests, and for the innovation development of the economy.


Key words: transportation; economic resources; factors of production; resource flows; development of the economy.

Salkinov S. S.†† Organizational and Economic Instruments of Managing the Processes of Buying or Selling Business in Russia: Nowadays Conditions and Developments Prospects

Author gives a review of arranging the deals in the field of buying or selling businesses in nowadays Russia. He also shows some directions for the researchers to explore, if the want to develop the efficient instruments of managing the processes of buying or selling businesses. It’s proved that the most appropriate way of developing this kind of instruments should be based on the methodology of managing the limits of business systems.


Key words: buying the business; mergers & acquisitions; franchising; business system; owner’s interests.

Gasanov B. G., Perederiy M. V.†† Development of the Modern Transportation Infrastructure

Authors analyzed some basic problems that exist during the technical and commercial exploitation of the motor transport in the regions of Russia. They also presented some innovation ways of the development of modern transportation infrastructure, which should be used to decrease the accident rate and the environmental pollution level.


Key words: infrastructure; motor transport; fuel; natural gas; recycling; car salvage; protection of the environment; traffic accident.

Naimushin V. G.†† Modern Corporation and Development of Science in a Market Economy

The models of economic growth of the advanced nations of the world and stages of development of the scientific and technological advance are reviewed in the article. It’s shown that each stage of the advance has its own specific R&D system, as well as the significance the corporations’ financing, implementation and use of R&D results increases eventually. It’s proved that science is able to play a decisive role in the processes of creating an innovation economic model in Russia, and will play this role if the appropriate mechanisms for its development exist.


Key words: economic growth model; stages of development of the scientific and technological advance; R&D system; Corporation; funding of science; innovation.

Sakharov A. Y.†† Changing of the Russian Industrial Corporationsí Capitalization in Terms of Geopolitical Tensions: Trends and Scenarios

The article presents the research of trends in Russian industrial corporations’ capitalization changing of in terms of macroeconomic instability, which takes place because of the geopolitical tensions and volatile post-crisis character of the world economy’s development. Basing on the current reality of the external economic risks, author also examines three scenarios for the development of industrial production. All of them are a priori pessimistic, because they all involve negative effects of the economic sanctions. The conclusion about the necessity of developing an effective management system for the capitalization processes, which are associated with increasing of the local economic security, is made.


Key words: financial markets; capitalization; public industrial corporation; crisis.

Kukharev N. A., Moskovchenko V. M.†† Providing of State Services with the Agricultural Products: Organization of the Transportation System

Authors analyzed some basic feature of the state services’ (such as the security of military services) material support and functioning. In the article they present an idea of managing these processes, based on the Transportation and Logistic Interface methodology. As a special example they present a process of providing the state services with the agricultural products. It’s shown that the whole set of the methods, presented by the Transportation and Logistic Interface methodology is practically useful during the development an keeping up the optimum trajectory for the material flows from the agricultural community to the state services ― the consumers of the agricultural products.


Key words: transportation of the agricultural products; state services’ deliveries; optimization of the material flow; purchasing management.

Kolbachev E. B.†† Quality Management for the Transport Services and the Cooperative Competition of the Economy

Author gives a review of some basic features and ways of quality rating and quality management methods for the nowadays transport service as a part of national economy. It’s also presented the analysis of modern approaches to a process of choosing an optimum model and method of quality management for the transport services. Author proved that the model, worked out by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM model) is the best one to solve the actual problems of the transport services’ quality management. Using of this model favours the development of the cooperative competition between the transport companies.


Key words: transport services as a part of national economy; quality management; cooperative competition; EFQM model.

Ulianitskaya N. M.†† Institutional Mechanisms for the Transportation Systemsí Development

Taking the institutional approaches as a basis, author gives a review of the management mechanisms, used for the transportation systems’ development in Russia. Author also presents a list of reasons for the development of the multimodal traffic as a par of the Russian Transportation Systems’ Development program until 2030.


Key words: institutional mechanisms; development of the transportation systems; development purposes; multimodal traffic.

Kugatov A. N.†† The Analysis of Some Signs of Mediation in Bribery

The article is devoted to the analysis of legal definitions of mediation in bribery and some signs of this concept that became a subject of the intense debate in the scientific community.


Key words: mediation; bribery; complicity.

Salnikova Y. K.†† Methodological Approach for the Evaluation of the Enterpriseís Modernization Potential

In the article author presents an idea of using the methods of modernization potential evaluation to determine the priority directions of modernization; the algorithm of the evaluation is described in details; some external and internal factors, which determine machine-building enterprises’ modernization prospects are given; the recommendations for the development of the evaluating indicators system are also given.


Key words: evaluation of the modernization potential; directions of modernization; external and internal factors of modernization; evaluating indicators system.

Efimov A. V.†† New Knowledge Generation by the Industrial Production Systems: Organizational and Economic Problems

Author analyzed the basic features of new knowledge generation processes in the production systems of the industrial enterprises and business groups. It’s proved that managing of the new knowledge generation should be based on the anthroposphere production theory, and the economic resource flows should be regarded as the information flows (materialized or non-materialized). Structuring of these information flows is a basis for new knowledge generation, which knowledge determines a firm value.


Key words: production; production system; knowledge; information; anthroposphere production; inventions.

Popova V. P.†† Qualification Assets of Commercial Banks: The Context of Macroeconomic Factors and Stability of the Banking System

The article deals with the ideas of relationship between macroeconomic factors, which determine the activities of modern commercial banks and the quality of assets and ways to improve the efficiency of their management.


Key words: commercial bank assets; macroeconomic factors; inflation; the stability of the banking system.

Zemlyakovŗ S. N.†† Methodical Approach to the Formation of Accounting and Analytical Support for the Reorganization Procedures

At the present stage of development of accounting and analytical activities in the agricultural organizations, they need an efficient accounting and analytical support for the reorganization procedures. This kind of support should give a possibility to give the internal and external users just-in-time presentation of a relevant information, perform the analysis and decision-making for the feasibility of a reorganizing the organization’s work and generalization of the results.


Key words: accounting and analytical support; reorganization; reorganization procedure; management of the reorganization procedures.

Kukharev N. A., Pakhomova A. A.†† Transportation Supply for the Poultry Processing Production Complex

Authors present some ways of development for the poultry processing production complex as for the part of Russia’s agricultural sector. It’s proved that the most efficient organizational decision for its development should be a diversified clusterization. This decision requires an efficient salvation for the problems of the cluster’s transportation supply. Authors present some ways of the transportation organization both inside and outside the cluster.


Key words: agricultural sector; poultry processing production complex; cluster; diversification; transportation.

Kobilev A. G., Savchuk V. F†† Controlling of the Investment Projects for Regional Nature Management: Efficient Using and Reproduction of the Natural Resources

In a period of social and economic processes’ modernization studying of the economic features of environmental protection and controlling of the investment projects for the region’s nature management, efficient using and reproduction of the natural resources should be determined as a priority goal for the researchers of the economic mechanisms’ backbone principles. Carrying out of the activities for the sustainable development, that require a clear understanding of the limitedness of natural resources that present a potential for the economic growth as of the dangerous nonreversible degradation processes in the environment, makes important the development of controlling programs for the nature management and production processes, which programs should be based on the ideas of system approach theory and complex using of the components of the production systems and of the environment.


Key words: organizational ideas of the nature management; protection of the environment; economic basis for the environmental protection; controlling of the region’s nature management and reproduction of the natural resources; making the nature management more efficient; capital costs and current expenses for the environmental protection; market and commercial solutions for the environmental protection; predicting of the environmental protection cost level.

Kravchenko O. A.†† Concerning the Peculiarities of the Energy Selling Organizationsí Functioning Taken in to Consideration during the Development of Methodology of Analysis and Strategic Management Models

The article deals with the urgency of the problem of increasing the efficiency of the energy selling organizations’ strategic management, which is based on the idea of developing the economic and mathematical instruments to make the adequate decisions in the situation of uncertain information. Peculiarities of functioning of the energy selling organizations, which determine methods of the analysis as an integral part of the organizations’ strategic management and of a complex systems modeling are also analyzed.


Key words: peculiarities of the energy selling organizations’ functioning; methodology of increasing the efficiency of energy selling organizations’ strategic management; models of energy selling organizations’ strategic management.

Kharitonova E. L.†† System Approach for the Development of the Metropolitan Regionís Provision Market

Author gives a review of some actual problems with the development of the provision markets in the Russian Federation in a period of a year long moratorium on the selling of the imported foodstuff. It’s given a list of the factors that hold back the development of the agriculture businesses and cause a high level of the cost price of the basic types of the foodstuff. Author presents a scheme of the analysis of the territories’ resource potential that gives a possibility determine the economic return of the land reserves that are used for the agriculture. The effects of the increasing of the local agricultural businesses’ product quantity in the assortment of the retail networks are also shown. Some recommendations to decrease the level of depending on the imported foodstuff are given.


Key words: provision market; agricultural sector; replacing the imported goods with the domestic; social and economic development; metropolitan region; food security; retail networks.

Skorik A. P., Skorik M. A.†† Social Efficiency of the Regional Authoritiesí PR Services and Their Communication Strategies

Authors of the article give a review of the possible ways to increase the effectiveness level of social interaction between the regional government and region’s population, using PR methods and activities. As the basic materials they take the final qualification research works of the SRSPU (NPI) of M. I. Platov name Faculty of Innovation and Production Management graduate students (specialty «State and Municipal Management»). Authors show, in what ways the communication strategies of existing PR services in Rostov region develop adequately for the implementation of public policy activities, and what ways are pointless.


Key words: models of interaction; evaluation; public relations; PR activities; PR service; regional authorities; media.

Gubanova E. V., Chulanov V. A.†† Higher Professional Education, how the Youth of an Average Russian City Represents It (by the Example of Shakhty)

Authors of the article analyzed the representation of place, role and value of education by the youth of an average Russian city. They also investigate the conditions, which may affect the formation of life orientations and attitudes.


Key words: life strategies; value orientations; professional and educational orientation; successful living; the value of education; higher education as a social resource.

Ilyukhina L. V.†† Social Policy: The Priorities in the Field of the Employeesí Professional Training

In the article author presents a review of the actual tasks for the nowadays Russian institution of higher professional education, as the priorities of the Russian government’s social policy determines them. It’s proved that the priority task for the higher professional education system’s development projects should be a creation of the regional multi-level education networks. These networks should include the higher education institutions and the institutions’ branches.


Key words: professional training; higher professional education; social policy; technical university; increasing of the activities’ creativeness level; branches of the university.

Kharchenko A. V.†† Social Assessment of the Pension Reforming, Based on the Behavioural Characteristics of Its Participants

The article is devoted to one of the most significant problems during process of social transformations in the modern Russia ― pension reform. Taking the analysis of the author’s sociological research data as a basis for the research, the review of the main market actors’ behavioural characteristics and potential is presented. Basing on the PEST analysis method, author shows the major factors of the environment and how they affect the actual strategy of pension reforming.


Key words: pension reforming; behavioural characteristics; analysis factors; template of the analysis; influence dynamics; factor code; expert assessment.

Shcherbakova L. I., Korenyugina T. Y.†† Conceptual Bases of the Interaction between Polytechnic University and the Enterprise for the Realization of Practically Operative Engineering Education

Authors analyzed some possible ways of co-operative work for the South-Russian State Polytechnic University (NPI) of M. I. Platov name and «Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Building Plant» Company in the field of preparation of highly-skilled engineering staff for the electric locomotive building industry. Conceptual basis of the system engineering methodology for the practitioners are also examined.


Key words: advancing formation; practice-oriented education; system engineer; the project «Personnel Development for the Electric Locomotives Building of the Future»; professional competence rating.

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