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Shcherbakova L. I.†† Professional and Personal Formation of the Modern Engineerís Identity

Author summarized the experience of how the South-Russian State Polytechnic University (NPI) of M. I. Platov name improved the co-operative work with the future employers for its students to increase the level of these students’ professional formation efficiency. Author also shows the importance of intensifying the new generation engineer’s training in the fundamentals as an actual problem. The principles of Russian engineering school and of the system engineering are presented as the way to solve a problem.


Key words: professional and personal formation; professional socialization; designing of the education programs; system engineer.

Kustov E. F., Lozenko V. K., Semikolenov V. P.†† Information Resources of the Economy, Business and Education

Information resources are a prerequisite for economic development, the educational process and business. Currently, these unconditional provisions are based mainly on a qualitative analysis of the information resources’ impact on the world economy’s development. The article presents the theory of quantifying the impact of information resources that is based on the statistical distribution of the knowledge object at the different information levels, depending on the innovation factor. We consider the entropy of the process and display the basic equation of the development of information resources by gradual transition objects on the information levels. Probability and the population of each level depend on the information ratio of the information level to the innovation parameter. The developed theory is applied to the development of the global patent process. We demonstrate the correlation and the existence of a time phase displacement law effects (increasing or decreasing) between the information patent process and GDP. We also present the forecast methodology for the development of patents until 2020 and show a correlation between the patent development process and GDP growth.


Key words: information resources; information levels; information states; entropy; distribution function; small dimension objects’ entropy.

Shirobokova S. N.†† Method of Developing the ę1—:EnterpriseĽ Platform Based Object-Oriented Models of the Economic Applications Using the Unified Modeling Language

Author presents the original method of using the Unified Modeling Language (UML) as an instrument for the object-oriented data models developing during the designing of «1C:Enterprise» platform based economic applications.


Key words: information systems’ development; data model; the Unified Modeling Language.

Terelyanskiy P. V., Soboleva S. Y.†† Regional Clusterization: Conditions and Factors

The group of researchers presents an article, which is dedicated to the problem of analyzing the conditions and factors of regional clusterization. The authors differentiate such notions as «conditions» and «factors» and analyze their impact on the process of the regional cluster’s formation. The methodology of non-parametric expertise is used to analyze the process of the pharmaceutics cluster’s development in the Volgograd region.


Key words: clusterization; non-parametric expertise; conditions; factors; regional pharmaceutical cluster.

Komissarova M. A., Lozovskaya T. A.†† The Actual Problems of the Strategic Development in the Eastern Donbass

Authors paid their special attention to the actual problems of the coal industry’s development in the Russian region of the Eastern Donbass. They present an idea that maintaining a coal mining production of the region is a social goal, so the regional investment programs for coal mining industry should follow not only the economic tendencies, but also the objectives of the region’s social development.


Key words: strategic development; restructuring; production diversification.

Dulin A. N., Kulikov M. M., Dulin R. A.†† Rostov Region: Investment Attractiveness Factors and Clusterization Prospects as the Ways of Regional Innovation Development Promotion

In the article authors describe the advantages and prospects of Rostov region as of the investment medium. Authors also analyzed the region’s potential for the creation of several clusters as of the way to promote its innovation development: sustainable building cluster, nuclear technology cluster, power saving cluster, nanomaterials production and machine-tool building industry.


Key words: investment attractiveness; regional development; clusters; sustainable building cluster; nuclear technology; power saving technology; nanomaterials; machine-tool building cluster.

Martynova L. V.†† Information and Analytical Supporting of the Agrarian and Industrial Complex Enterprisesí Risk Managing of the Economic Activities: the Context of the Information Economy

In the article author presents the essence, value and problems of information and analytical support for the risk management in a context of information economy, and also gives the model of informational and analytical providing of risk management for the economic activity of the agrarian and industrial complex enterprise.


Key words: information; relevance of information; information economy; analytical information; administrative information; information and analytical providing; model of information and analytical providing.

Azieva R. H.†† Regional Policy for the Development of the Oil Industry Infrastructure

In the article author presents an idea that development of an efficient regional oil infrastructure, in order to achieve the objectives of the region’s social and economic development, determined by the commitment of regional administration structures for all participants of the oil market. The interaction between the State, local governments, oil companies and consumers is the primary criterion for the development of the efficient regional oil industry infrastructure. It’s also shown that during the formation of regional policy the interests of the territory’s and sector’s types of self-fulfilling should be taken into account as the sustainable social and economic units.


Key words: regional policy; oil complex; oil infrastructure; regional economy; economic agents; economic complex; production and processing of oil; the export of petroleum and petroleum products.

Chub N. A.†† Innovation Development of Russian Economy and Its Transition to a New Technological Order

Author examined the actual goals for the innovation development of Russian economy and analyzed the most important branches of its industry looking for the prospects of their development under the conditions of the existing technological order. In the article is also presented an idea to summarize a number of different approaches to speed up the economy’s innovation development processes, analyzing both Russian and world experience in this field.


Key words: technological order; innovation development; transition; national economy.

Koloskova N. V.†† Certain Aspects of the Banking Systems Operation in the Non-Recognized States

The important part of any economy’s operations, the great attention is to be paid to, is the banking system. This system plays a leading role in the development of the economic agents’ interrelations. In order to achieve the harmonious interaction in interbank cooperation between different countries it is necessary to know the type of the partner-country’s banking system. There are many criteria by which this kind of classification can be made, but these criteria, yet, do not reflect enough the modern trends of development. In the article we present an additional criterion for the banking systems classification and consider some aspects of the non-recognized states’ banking systems.


Key words: classification criterion; non-recognized states; banking system type; economic stability; banking systems’ operations.

Gibadullin A. A.†† Prospects for Increasing of the Industrial Enterprisesí Power Supply Stability Level

In the article author presents the analysis of the power industry’s conditions after the reform of the branch. The integrated sustainability assessment methodology is used to study the indicators of technological sustainability. As a resume, based on a large statistics material, author presents an original prospect for small and decentralized power generation in Russia.


Key words: power industry; indicator; stability; rate; power plant.

Karartinyan Z. O.†† The Impact of Informal Relations on the Factors that Determine Employeesí Loyalty to the Organization

In the article author presents a try to determine the role of informal relationships that is defined as their ability to complement formally established cooperation in the organization and support its effective functioning by regulating and changing the behavior and performance of the staff. Author also identified the ways of multifunctional appliance of the informal relations in the modern organization.


Key words: informal relations; employees’ loyalty.

Mordvintsev M. A.†† The Analysis of the Institutional Factorsí Role in the Development of Favourable Investment Climate in the Transitive Economies

The aim of the article is to define a role of institutional factors in the development of a favourable investment climate in the transitive economies. As a result, author made a conclusion that only factors of the high-level market efficiency and financial market development have greater impact on the development of a favourable investment climate than institutional factors do.


Key words: investment climate; institutions; institutional structure; institutional environment; transitive economies; state economic policy; competition; international economic organizations.

Kuznetsova M. V., Maslak O. N.†† Mathematical Modeling of the Experiment Planning for the Optimal Conditions Determining

Authors present a mathematical modeling of the experiment planning for the optimal conditions determining by the example of estimation of the economically optimal elements for the watering systems. As a result authors present a mathematical model that is a second-order differential equation, and a graphic picture of the similar depth tessellation lines.


Key words: value of factor; response surface; simplex method; optimal region; planning matrix.

Tatarkina A. M.†† Development of the Innovation Infrastructure In Rostov Region

In the article author presents a description of the innovation infrastructure in Rostov region. Actual nowadays conditions of the innovation sphere is examined and some basic elements of the regional innovative infrastructure of Rostov region are also described. Preconditions for an innovation-based economy development and the key issues for the innovation development of Rostov region are examined.


Key words: innovation infrastructure; region; innovation-based economy.

Kurbatova N. S., Cheshev A. S.†† Ecological Aspects and Ground Resources of the Settlement

In the article author reports about global problems of the city, village and other settlements, which are caused by the anthropogenic pressure, and the consequences of the pressure, determines the measures for a solution of the ground resources’ degradation problem. Author analyzed the statistical information and presents the dynamics of expenses for environmental protection in some territories of the Rostov region (Russian Federation), and examined this dynamics. Author also grounds the need in «green investments» into the settlements’ economy.


Key words: ground resources; degradation; negative consequences; green investments; environmental protection costs; legal measures; policy of ground resources usage.

Suchkov A. N.†† Restoring Age Distributions of the Basic Demographic Processes

The most important condition to build a module of demographic processes is using statistical information, which needs some preprocessing. In particular, the required data includes fertility, mortality and migration rates by age and sex, with the ability to capture their dynamics with changes in life expectancy and the average mothers’ age. We also have to know the age distribution of migrants to assess their influence in the birth rate in the country. Therefore it is necessary to analyze the age distributions of demographic processes and restore their annual age coefficients, using both well-known and new author’s methods.


Key words: fertility; mortality; migration; gamma distribution; the Gompertz model; the average age of the mother; spline interpolation.

Rebrova N. M.†† Local Government and Governmental Authorities as the Parts of Public Authoritiesí System in the Russian Federation

The article considers the actual problems of interaction between the governmental authorities and agencies of the local government. Author also analyses the conditions legal regulation of he interrelations between the governmental authorities and local government.


Key words: governmental authorities; agencies of local government; state; public authorities; local government; legal regulation.

Lyubchenko V. S., Nizovtseva L. V.†† Philosophy as a Factor of Personal Growth

In the article the role of philosophy in changing of an individual’s personal qualities is considered. It is noted that philosophy, because of its reflexive direction, is able to transform world view both at a social and personal levels.


Key words: philosophy; personality; personal growth; inner world; changing oneself.

Mikheeva L. P., Berezina O. V.†† Social Adaptation of the First-Year Students at a Higher Education Institution

The features of social adaptation of first-year students at the technical higher education institutions are analyzed in the article. Materials from an empirical study, which characterize the investigating of the educational, psychological and leisure aspects of the adaptation period are presented. The effective subjective and objective factors of the adaptation period are determined. The motivation of the students’ professional choice as one of the positive adaptation conditions is focused on. Some negative educational and social adaptation aspects are found out.


Key words: social adaptation; first-year students; college environment; educational process; adaptation period.

Maksimova M. V.†† Reality as a Simulacrum of Social Theory of Postmodern

Article is devoted the actual theme of social characteristics of the modern scientific and philosophical space. The fundamental role in this process is played by the French philosopher and sociologist Jean Baudrillard. His theory of simulacra provides an approach to the problem of modern social reality from theoretical and practical metaposition and secure the status of postmodernism as a dominant phenomenon in the modern scientific picture of universe.


Key words: postmodern; society; simulacrum; the theory of cognition.

Kolinichenko I. A., Alieva E. Kh.†† The Relationship between Various Identity Categories, Possibilities and Desirability of Male and Female Studentsí Changes

The theme of the analysis is the study of various categories of identity of male and female higher educational institution students of different age. Desirability of personal achievements, characteristic of the age is connected with possibility of personal achievements; the desirability of group identity (professional, social identity) is connected with desirability of personal traits. Direct proportional relationship is found between femininity and unchanged identity: the higher the femininity index is, the higher unchanged identity index is, the obtained data of gender study in psychological science allow to consider femininity through unchanged, stable categories in contrast to masculinity which is associated with changes.


Key words: cognitive psychology; personal, group identity; possibility and desirability of changes; masculinity; femininity of young men and women.

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