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Sukharev O. S., Kurmanov N. V.†† Dynamics Forecasting Demand for Production to Short Time Intervals with the Selection of the Demand Function on the Theory of Similarity

The article deals with methods for predicting the dynamics of the demand for the products of forestry industry. Proposes a model for forecasting demand to sales through online marketing, and it is proved that the forecast for short intervals of time is quite convenient method of exponential smoothing. The demand function for the products selected on the basis of similarity theory.


Key words: demand model; the similarity theory; forecasting of the short period of time; exponential smoothing; Internet Marketing.


Pavlenko A. V., Zakharov S. V.†† Creating a Strategy of the Coal Industryís Innovative Development in the Eastern Donbass

The article proposes a completely new approach to the formation and implementation of the development strategy of the Eastern Donbass coal industry based on the creation of an innovation and investment cluster. The article can be useful for scientists, government officials, investors, entrepreneurs and other specialists, interested in the revival of the region’s coal industry.


Key words: energy resources; coal industry; innovation and investment cluster; center for strategic development; innovative products.

Badalova A. G., Volkov V. A.†† Factorial Model of an Economic Value Added of the Enterprise

The factorial model of an economic value added of the enterprise is considered in article. It is shown that elements of the human capital and the intellectual capital are factors of the enterprise’s innovative development. The affecting of the innovative development factors by the growth of an economic value added is described by means of cause-effect relations.


Key words: human capital; intellectual capital; innovative development factors; economic value added; cause-effect relations.

Shcherbakova E. A.†† Analyzing the Informational Streams between the Industrial and the Information Clusters

The interaction between industrial and information clusters is considered in the article. The information cluster is considered as a provider of the information, which is important for developing the enterprises of different clusters in the market, and for management decision-making support.


Key words: industrial cluster; information cluster; clusters’ interaction; information sources; information; competitiveness; lifecycle of the cluster.

Trushkin E. V.†† Examination of the Organizational Culture inside the Corporative Management

In the article author examines the organizational culture as a factor of corporative beings’ development. Some basic stages of examining the corporative culture are presented. The results of the examination of the organizational culture are shown by the example of some industrial enterprises in the Southern Federal District.


Key words: corporative management; industrial enterprise; organizational culture; examination of the organizational culture.

Dulin A. N., Popova V. P.†† Innovative Tools for the Loan Services as a Major Factor for Increasing the Competitiveness of the Russian Banking System

The questions and problems of the Russian banking sector in the context of innovative banking products are examined in the presented article. The detailed classification of these problems is also presented.


Key words: credit products; competitiveness of the commercial bank; innovation.

Bulatenko M. A., Tulchinskaya Y. I.†† State and Trends of the Theory of Economics and Management and Russian Electric-Power Industry

The paper is devoted to the review of scientific works aimed at the development of the theory and practice of management of the organizations in Russian electric-power industry (EPI) under the conditions of the competitive relations’ development in the energy markets. The interrelations between objects of study and the level of their own energy consumption by functional components of Russian EPI were discovered. Authors detected the urgency of further development of management innovation in energy conservation and energy efficiency and building energy management systems for the EPI.


Key words: management theory; electric-power industry; power generation; power grid companies; isolated power; energy conservation; energy efficiency; innovations.

Garkusha V. N., Chvikalova N. A.†† System Approach and the Problem of Personnelís Motivation

Authors analyzed the system approach to the problem of personnel’s motivation. As a basis of the analysis they used McKinsey 7S Framework. The most important features of the model are also examined. The interrelations between organization’s strategy of functioning and development and its systems of personnel’s motivation are shown. It’s proved that the conditions of nowadays economy make working out and adoption of the innovations a higher-priority way of the development, and this way should be included into the organization’s strategy and into the systems of personnel’s motivation, which the organization works out.


Key words: system approach; McKinsey 7S Framework; organization’s development strategy; personnel’s motivation; innovation development.

Kurepina N. L., Barkov S. S.†† Increasing the Quality of Russian Citizensí Life as a Priority Direction for the Strategy of the Economic Safety

The article reveals the data about standards and Russian residents’ quality of life that indicate needs for ensuring the security for the purpose of decrease and possibility of negative influences and increasing the quality of living conditions. It’s also shown that it’s necessary to intensify the control of the food products quality.


Key words: economic safety; a quality of food products; living standard; sickness rate; technical regulations.

Nevostrueva A. F.†† The Role and the Place of Public Relations in the Structure of Nowadays Russiaís Informational and Communication Space

Article is devoted to clarifying the substantive content of particular social institution in informational and communication space of nowadays Russian society ― the public relations in the making as an independent scientific discipline of sociological knowledge field, its place and role in the practical implementation of social communication.


Key words: PR; public relations; social knowledge; social institution; a model of public relations; institutionalization.

Shvets Y. Y.†† Innovation Activities as an Instrument for Improving the Economic Potential of the Region's Tourism Branch

The paper is devoted to problems of innovation activities’ improvement as of an instrument for strengthening the economic potential of the tourism branch. Some classification attributes for the innovations in tourism are considered. A comparative analysis of processes that the innovation activity in tourism consists of is also held. The paper contains a list of the main directions for the innovation activities in tourism, depending on a process they concern, and an element they belong to.


Key words: innovation; innovation activity; tourism; tourism innovation.

Pankratov A. P.†† Actual Classification of the Macroeconomic Risks

In the presented article author considers the definition of a macro-economic risk, its properties, and presents an actual classification of macroeconomic risks.


Key words: macroeconomics; classification; definition; the risk.

Goridko N. P.†† Okun's Law Modeling in the Increments

The regression analysis that is presented in this paper shows the effect of changes in the unemployment rate on the variation of the gross output in the example of Ukraine macrosystem for the period, including the years of crisis. The resulting function indicates that the situation when the unemployment rate remains unchanged for a while is the most favorable for GDP growth increasing.


Key words: economic growth; GDP; unemployment rate; Okun’s Law; regression model.

Badalova A. G., Dmitrov I. V.†† The Conceptual Model of the Industrial Project Management for the Holding Companies

The article presents a conceptual model of the industrial project management for the holding company. All the seven blocks of the model and their constituent elements are discussed in details.


Key words: industrial projects; management; conceptual model; a holding company.

Dolmatova L. G., Petrova I. A.†† Essence of the Social, Ecologic and Economic Systems during Formation of Ground Resources Stable Exploitation

In clause the basic rules (situations) of social, ecologic and economic systems’ stable development are considered, their interrelations with internal and external conditions during the exploitation of ground resources. The basic parameters and criteria, which describe the efficiency of the exploitation, are analyzed.


Key words: ground resources; economy; an agriculture; ecology; manufacture; an estimation; stability.

Moskvitin K. P.†† Organizational and Economic Mechanisms for the Strategic Managing of the Industrial Enterprisesí Innovation Development

In the article author discusses the main components of the organizational and economic mechanism and tasks for the strategic managing of the industrial enterprises’ innovation development, and also presents some tools, which can be useful for solving the aforesaid tasks.


Key words: innovation development; strategic management; organizational and economic mechanism; industrial enterprise.

Moskalenko S. A.†† Ability to Make Some Aspects of the Cluster Approach to Improving Energy Efficiency of Electricity Generating Plants

The concept of the cluster approach to the development of power generation on the basis of the production of large power plants (TPP, HPP) is examined in the article. A characteristic of the modern trends in the cluster of economic organization based on the concept of clusters’ formation as a form of improving the competitiveness of individual sectors and industries is given. Considered a strategy of creating the regional clusters, based on large power plants and agriculture in the region, including joint cooperation on infrastructure development, joint production, waste management, fertilizer and chemicals, the development of processing industries, the expansion of market power and by-products. Author also considered the strategy of state support specified direction and the «road map» for the period up to 2030


Key words: electricity production; power; agriculture; electricity production and agriculture cluster; diversity; cooperation; economic relations between the branches; a road map.

Churzina O. A.†† Modeling the Business Processes for Marketing Risk Management

In the article author examines the modeling of marketing risk management business processes, using the IDEF standard. The examination is based on the previously developed approaches to marketing risk management.


Key words: marketing risks; IDEF standard; business process modeling.

Tkacheva O. A., Tarasov S. A.†† Nowadays Conditions and Ways to Development of the Informational Support for the Land Resources Protection

The problems of the nowadays conditions of planning and cartographic materials, data of soil analysis, geobotanic surveys and other types of information as a base for land protection are examined in the article. By the example of the Rostov region authors analyzed the quality of inventory information and the possibility of its using for the development of the GIS-based land conservation management. The system requirements for the content of thematic information layers of digital topographic base of this system are presented.


Key words: real estate cadastre; GIS; monitoring, reclaimed lands.

Safronova K. V.†† Modern Approaches to the Ecologic and Economically Efficient Managing of the Solid Waste Recycling

Steady increasing of the annual waste generation is an actual social, economic and environmental problem. Recycling in Russia doesn’t play an appreciable role in the sphere of production, although the world practice shows the ever-increasing role of the industry not only in the environmental safety, but also in the economy. There is no doubt that this type of service has a great potential. At present, one of the main problems facing the communal services of almost all countries is the disposal of wastes. This situation requires the appropriate measures in the field of legislation and in practice. Some ideas on the subject are presented in the article.


Key words: waste production; waste; processing; consumption; resources; dump; ecology; environment; resource conservation.

Smakhtina A. A.†† The Possibilities of Valuating the Coal-Mining Enterprisesí Competitiveness in the Eastern Donbass

In the article author presents the examination of the actual problems in valuating the competitiveness of Russian coal-mining enterprises. The analysis of some coal-mining enterprises’ competitiveness level in the Eastern Donbass is also presented.


Key words: competitiveness; coal mines; valuation; Eastern Donbass.

Lagutina O. N.†† Analyzing the Quality Control Methods for the Industrial Enterpriseís Energy Saving Processes

In the article author analyzed the methodological basis of the quality control methods for energy saving. The international standards of energy management systems are also examined. Some ways of modifying the enterprise’s energy saving policy are presented.


Key words: management; energy saving; quality management; management by objectives.

Samsonova M. L., Isaenko L. N.†† Using the Ecological Factors for Business Planning and Developing the Optimal Ecological and Economic Strategy of the Company

Methodical aspects of business-planning organizing are considered from the standpoint of using the ecological factors as the criterion of developing the optimal ecological economic strategy of the company.


Key words: business plan; economic and ecological factors of the production; ecological and economics approach; company’s development strategy; an assimilate potential; production results.

Kuzmin E. A.†† Conceptual Approaches to Risk Management of Complex Organizational and Economic Systems: Systematization and Critical Analysis

In this article the author drew attention to the existence of a scientific problem as the definition of «etalon» in risk management. This is to avoid such problems, the author discusses, systematized and critically analyzes existing concepts of risk management, identify their distinguishing characteristics are derived assumptions about their use in the process of risk management models. In addition, the study clarifies the concepts of organizational and economic systems (OES) and risk management OES.


Key words: organizational and economic system; concept of risk management.

Ivanenko N. S.†† Consumer Culture of the Students: the Territorial Dimension

In the article author analyzes the impact of territoriality (as of belonging to a particular social and territorial space) on the technical university students’ consumer culture. Basing on the results of an independent case study author concluded that territoriality, as a self-identification method, determines the specific preference patterns of consumption. It’s noticed that the territoriality as a cultural commitment to promote consumption choices, focused on personal development of the student as a professional evaluation of territoriality as a «birthplace» determines the choice of the conspicuous consumption model.


Key words: consumer culture; consumption patterns; territoriality; student environment; social well-being.

Kirbatyev O. A.†† Subject of Creation (with the Purpose of Use, Distribution or Sale) as of Distribution or Sale of the Harmful Programs or Hardwares

In the article author presents the studies on the subject of corpus, foreseen by art. 361–1 of Ukraine Penal Code. In the article is also presented the analysis of determining the subjects’ age, which criminal responsibility can come from.


Key words: subject of crime; criminal responsibility; age of criminal responsibility.

Lyubchenko V. S., Sinyugina T. V.†† Students of the Technical University: The Basic Types of the Lifestyle Self-Determination

Authors examine the criteria of rating the students as different types, which are used by the nowadays sociologists in their works. Using the original sociologic research, authors present a typology of students, based on their self-determination: «the crowd-followers», «the pragmatists», «the experts», «the hedonists».


Key words: students of the technical university; types of the student; lifestyle; life strategy.

Tishchenko Y. G.†† Social Inertia as a Factor of the Traditional Gender Stereotypesí Stability

The article presents the basic results of the sociological analysis of the students’ gender stereotypes in the Rostov region, the factors that contribute to these stereotypes’ stability and the commitment of nowadays students to the traditional culture.


Key words: gender stereotypes; social inertia; the dynamics of social development.

Maximova M. V.†† Chaos as a Conceptual Module of the Postnonclassical science: Social, Humanitarian and Philosophical Angles

The article devoted to the phenomenon of «Chaos» in the contemporary socio-humanitarian space and to the identification of its implications for the development of a postnonclassical scientific rationality conceptual paradigm. Author analyzes the ontological and philosophical characteristics of chaos, and descriptive categories of modern science (chaosity, indeterminacy, self-organization, etc.). These categories demonstrate the high potential for unified epistemological socio-humanitarian knowledge methodology formation processes and give the wide prospects for the future philosophic reflection.


Key words: Ůhaos; chaosity; methodology; ontology; synergetics.

Pozdnyakova-Kirbatyeva E. G.†† Kinds and Elements of the Social Memory

In the article the psychological types of memory are examined from the sociologic positions. The types of memory and the maintenance of memory are analyzed; its functional elements are shown. Communication is examined as major mechanism for the translation of social and historical memory. Considering the sense of memory basing on the idea of functional elements, author draws a conclusion, that this side of social memory is external for its subjects.


Key words: social memory; memory; functional elements; kinds of memory; social and historical memory.

Shtompel L. A., Shtompel O. M.†† Anthropologic and Cultural Typology of the Human and Social Separation of the Language

In the article authors show how inside one culture appears the coexistence of different anthropologic and cultural human types, with different value aims, ideals and ideas. These anthropologic and cultural human types not only work out their «own languages» (based on special lifestyle ideas), but also use these languages to get higher social status positions and strengthen the authority inside the community.


Key words: anthropologic and cultural human types; language; culture; sense.

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