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Kleeva L. P., Vorobyov I. V.†† Strategic Analysis of Outlooks and Possibilities for Abstract Science Development in Russia (part 1)

The results of analyzing the outlooks for the development of abstract science in nowadays Russia are described in the article. A number of social, political, technological and economic factors, which immediately affect the scientific institutions’ development possibilities, are also described. As a resume, the ideas about efficient development strategy for abstract science in Russia are presented.


Key words: abstract science; development of the scientific institutions; Russian Academy of Sciences.

Badalova A. G., Panteleev P. A.†† Using the Metaheuristic Methods of Optimization to Discover the Control Actions inside a Strategic Risk Management System

The following article presents the algorithmic and software for using a differential evolution method and adaptive method of annealing simulation as the ways of implementing various risk management strategies at the enterprises of aircraft industry complex (AIC), which enterprises’ specialization is engineering for new aircraft projects.


Key words: risk; strategic risk management; risk management system of the enterprise; costbased approach; crisis; metaheuristic algorithms of optimization.

Deryabina E. V.†† New Double-Sided Concept of Housing and Communal Services Primary Exploitation Workersí Labor Content Transforming

The original concept of housing and communal services (HCS) primary exploitation workers’ labor content transforming is presented in the article. The goal of the concept is to perfect work arrangement and remuneration systems of the industry. Another objective is increasing the effectiveness of HCS utilities.


Key words: labor content; housing and communal services exploitation; salary; effectiveness.

Yakovlev M. M.†† Using the International Experience of World Citiesí Energy Management for Moscow Agglomerationís Innovation Development

In the article author gives a number of practical recommendations for power supply infrastructure innovative developing in Moscow agglomeration. The recommendations are based on the results of energy management in Tokyo, Shanghai, London, Paris, Delhi, Mexico City, Toronto, Capetown, San Francisco and other cities of the world.


Key words: megalopolis; Moscow; Moscow agglomeration; international experience in power engineering; managing the efficiency of power supply.

Komissarova M. A.†† Possibilities for Exploring Complicated Types of Production Systems

In article the balanced score card method is examined as one of the basic tools of managing the production systems. The method of system dynamics is also presented as the quantitative toolkit, which allows analyzing the relationships of cause and effect inside a system. The diagram of strategic management model for coal-mining enterprise is shown as the stream diagram.


Key words: balanced score card; methodology of systems dynamics; stream diagram.

Rogova V. A.†† Concept and Stages of Managing the Organizationsí Anti-Crisis Sustainability

The point of a following article is maintaining the organizations’ anti-crisis sustainability in a period of global economic crisis and development recession of industries and enterprises. The article examines some scientific approaches to the role and significance of sustainability concept from the point of crisis management.


Key words: ŗnti-crisis sustainability; crisis management; managing the organization’s economic sustainability; crisis; point of no return.

Eshugova S. K.†† Development of Nowadays Russiaís Agroindustrial Complex and Its Production Systemsí Innovations

Some features of agricultural production systems’ modernization in nowadays Russia’s regions are examined in the article. The ways of exploring, modeling and projecting the development processes, which exist in agricultural production systems, are also analyzed. Some examples of modernizing this type of production systems, based on a system of agriculture for the irrigated landscapes, are also presented.


Key words: agroindustrial complex; agricultural production systems; modernization.

Kirillova S. S.†† Forecasting the Efficiency of Creating Small Innovative Businesses Jointly to the Scientific and Educational Centers

Some methodological approaches to creating small innovative businesses in Russian Federation are considered in the article. The models of efficiency estimating for the scientific and educational centers’ co-operative work with small innovative businesses are also built, which models should be used to solve the forecasting problems.


Key words: innovations; small innovative businesses; scientific and educational centers; leastsquares approximation; economic forecasting.

Novikov E. V.†† Selecting an Efficient Strategy for Increasing Production Capacity at the Time of Its Modernization

The methodical approach for determining a production capacity level is presented in the article. The sequence of the NPV calculation, based on comparing the alternative ways of the capacity using is also described. Some recommendations for applying the method of increasing production capacity at the time of demand rising is considered.


Key words: production capacity of the enterprise; net present value; capacity increasing; demand.

Magomadov E. M., Reshiev S. S.†† Estimating the Levels of Economic Development, Specialization and Integrated Approach of Development for Regionís Economy

In the article authors investigate some interconnected general economic indicators, methods of the analysis and estimation of region’s development, which ones give a possibility to define an economic profile of a region, its place in an economic complex of the country and the reached level of economic development. Using these methods, it becomes possible to establish conformity of the reached level of development and placing of productive forces of its region economic both to an environment and resources to reveal region’s investment potential and climate, and also to choose an optimum vector of its perspective development.


Key words: the general economic indicators; economic profile of the region; division of labor; industrial specialization of the region; labor productivity; factor of interdistrict specialization; localization factor; methods of inter-regional comparison.

Martynova O. M.†† Investment Appeal of Electric Power Industry

One of electric power industry’s main problems — financing of generating capacities’ modernizing and development, the basic ways of investment and current operating conditions of the branch, which affect the investment appeal of electric power industry’s objects, are considered in the article. The concept of managing the power companies’ cost is presented as a factor of increasing their investment appeal.


Key words: investments; investment appeal; bringing up the investments; company’s cost.

Biyanova D. A.†† A Theoretical Review of ęReal EstateĽ Concept and Its Conformity to Nowadays Requirements of Market Development

A main objective of the article is researching «the property» category in a context of economic development. Legislative definitions of property define the quality, accurate assessment and an economic efficiency of their use. To attain the work aim, the qualitative analysis of standard, help and educational sources was carried out. The discrepancies and an incorrectness of using the terms from «the property» category are revealed. This application will give the clarifying definition of the property category. It will allow to realize a completeness principle in the account as a result, and to raise efficiency of tax tools for regional economy.


Key words: real estate; immovable things; objects of real estate; uncertain status objects of estate.

Sapronov V. N.†† Methodical Basics for Forecasting the Intensity of Cargo Flows, Handled by Enterprises of Oil Transshipment Industry

Multiplicity, dynamics and interdependency of affecting factors for cargo flows, handled by enterprises of oil transshipment industry, makes it impossible to forecast their intensity by traditional methods with sufficient reliability. The article proves possibility to apply methods of dynamic chaos theory to solve this task.


Key words: oil; oil products; transshipment; oil transshipment terminals; cargo flows; intensity; determining factors; forecasting; dynamic chaos.

Snegireva E. V.†† Valuating Potential of Sochi as of a Subregion, Specialized for Tourism and Recreation

The main objective in given article is researching the tourist and recreation potential of Sochi subregion. There is a pressure on local budget resources for the tourist destination reproduction, but the benefits from use of these resources are located a little. To increase the revenue of Sochi it’s proposed competently assesses tourism and recreational potential of the subregion and to determine the structure of the tourism output.


Key words: tourism specialization; gross output; the local budget; recreation and tourist resources; marine recreation; subregional tourist income.

Batashova A. F., Kodochigov V. E.†† Estimation Algorithm for Coal-Mining Enterpriseís Innovative Potential

The article considers some indexes, which characterize the components of coal-mining enterprise’s innovative potential. Authors also present an estimation algorithm for the innovative potential.


Key words: innovative potential; estimation algorithm.

Danilov A. R.†† Using The Internet Resources in the Field of Tourism and Recreation

The article examines a role of Internet technologies in the society in general, and the impact of the Internet in the field of tourism and recreation. The mechanisms of reducing the price of tourist products, ways of increasing demand, as well as opportunities to improve service quality are also discovered.


Key words: Internet resources; quality of service; demand; tourist product; price.

Kolbachev E. B.

Kolbachev E. B.
†† Social Efficiency of Organizational and Economic Decisions, which Affect the Development of Higher Education in Russiaís Regions

Basing on the analysis of Russian regions’ nowadays problems, author formulates the goals for higher education development in these regions. Social efficiency of the economic decisions, which are being made by managers of different levels, and affect the development of professional higher education institutions (first of all — the efficiency for productive sector of Russian regions’ economy) is also analyzed.


Key words: higher education; social efficiency; economic decisions; development; regions of Russia.

Zaretskiy A. D.†† Humanization of the Economic Relations in Nowadays Russia

Economic relations in the society are created and function only for the people, their good, and the main kind of good is long and happy life. Unfortunately, classic economic science rarely pays attention to this aspect of problem, because it operates with formal categories. In the article author tries to define the economic aspects of people’s life, which are conductive to the development of a man as of personality, individual, and give him a possibility to make his own preferences.


Key words: economic tools; human’s development; economic theory; cultural structures; the culture of labor; the public institutes.

Sorokin P.S.†† Disciplinary Approaches to Studying Professional Careers in Business-Organization, and Outlooks for Using General Sociological Theories

The article’s subject is analyzing and classifying some disciplinary approaches to studying a career, which are presented by nowadays world scientific literature. The prospects for applying sociological approach are outlined. The possibilities for using general sociological theories are discussed, and the directions for theoretical and empirical career research in Russian business, based on P. Bourdieu theory and emphasizing the understanding of career as of social phenomenon on the institutional basis are analyzed.


Key words: career; business organizations; disciplinary approaches; sociological theories; P. Bourdieu.

Sung Y.†† Foreign Entrepreneursí Participation in Russiaís Retailment Networks as an Economic Source: Motivation and Development Problems

Some social aspects of foreigners’ (including, as an example, Chinese citizens’) business undertaking in nowadays Russia are examined in the article. The features of foreign entrepreneurs as of the economic source, and their ways of motivation, which are based on organizational culture in retailment businesses with the participation of the foreigners, are also analyzed.


Key words: the Chinese; business undertaking; motivation; organizational culture.

Kostuchenko E. V.†† Social Responsibility of Business as an Indicator of Its Competitiveness

The article describes the analysis of the entrepreneurs’ social responsibility phenomenon, based on a possibility to include the phenomenon into a system of Russian market economy’s interests. A mechanism of economic interests’ realizing by all participants of Russian market (such as government, entrepreneurs and households) is also examined.


Key words: economy of natural persons; economic interests; a subject of economy; objective contradictions; entrepreneur; responsibility.

Magomadova H. A.†† Social, Ecological and Economic Problems of Sustainable Development

The importance of looking for a way to a model of ecologically sustainable development is an object of analysis in the article. It’s substantiated, that revelation of these ways is an actual, and in prospect — an essential problem. A condition for such changing is a development of social, ecologic an economic system, which takes place as an aggregate of changes in the elements of system for a period of time. A reason for the changes is given by different social, economic, politic, ecologic and other factors of endogenous and exogenous nature.


Key words: sustainable development; a concept of sustainable development; sustainable development indicators; indexes of public health and environment advance; economic development indexes; social fairness indexes; environmental protection indexes.

Babenko E. J.†† Social Re-Adaptation of the Invalid: Explication of the Concept

Author carries out a comparative analysis of the basic theoretical and methodological constructs, which are used for analyzing the invalids’ rŚ-adaptation processes in the conditions of nowadays Russian society. As a result, author states that that many of these definitions are multiple-valued and should be theoretically defined more accurate and clear. An importance of paying the researcher’s attention not to disfunctions of one’s body, but to restoration of his social role and functions, and his integration in the society necessity is also proved in the article.


Key words: invalid; adaptation; social adaptation; re-adaptation; rehabilitation; social rehabilitation; disadaptation; professional adaptation; social and labor adaptation.

Kiselev M. I., Shilkhina E. L.†† More about Sociological Interpretation of ęSocial and Cultural IntegrationĽ Concept

The interpretation of «integration», «social integration» and «social and cultural integration» concepts is examined in the article. Authors also try to mark out social and cultural angle of the invalids’ integration in the society.


Key words: integration; social integration; culture; social and cultural integration.

Ovcharenko R. K.†† Management of Civil Services from the Officialsí Point of View

The article presents some results of a sociological survey, that was taken by author in Rostov region in February-March 2011 in order to study the civil servants’ point of view on the processes of civil service reforming, developing of civil service management system, to find out the relationship between the functioning of civil service management system and changing of the officials’ working conditions, to examine the civil servants’ opinion about effectiveness of the regional body of civil service management in this region of Russia.


Key words: civil servants’ point of view; civil service reforming; civil service management system; officials’ working conditions; body of civil service management.

Kravchenko J. V.†† The Influence of Couplesí Needs on the Stability of Young Countryfolksí Family Being

The article reflects the available information about vary depending of family being’s stability on couple’s needs. Author studies the level of couples’ basic needs satisfaction using the methods of sociologic research. A feature of the analysis is that it was carried out in the countryside. It’s proved that the information, which was recovered during the research, can be used to preserve stable family relations.


Key words: young family; stability of a family; couple’s needs; satisfaction with being married.

Tishchenko Y. G.†† Gender as a Sociological Analysis Tool

Some primary ways of studying gender by nowadays Russian social sciences are described in the article. The importance and relevance of a new promising field for this research — gender as a sociological analysis tool is also substantiated.


Key words: gender; areas of gender research; gender as a sociological analysis tool.

Mogilinets N. N.†† Some Social and Pedagogic Features of Physical Training and Sports Organization

Some social and pedagogic features of physical training and sports organization, which features are concerned with their classification (with single combat sports as an example) are examined in the article. The ways of organizing educational and training process, based on special features of different sports are presented.


Key words: sports; social and pedagogic methods; educational and training process.

Shaldina A. V.†† Modeling a Criminality of Russian Regions

A regional criminality is viewed in the article. The influence of social and economic factors on the level and dynamics of criminality, which factors are analyzed using the econometric methods, is also examined.


Key words: regional criminality; determinants of crime; dynamics of the criminality level; panel data; random effect model.

Burkina L. S.†† Postmodern: Indifference to Those, Who around One as an Example of Deviant Strategy

In the article author analyses a typical for postmodern society kind of deviance from social modernity standards: the indifference to those, who are around one. A development of this deviation in different social groups is also examined. It’s stationed that religious context of one’s upbringing can be an efficient way of prevention for this kind of deviation.


Key words: postmodern; deviance; indifference to those, who around; religious context of upbringing.

Lar’kova E. P.†† Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurís Positioning Risc Under the Conditions of Western Societyís Globalisation

The specific character of entrepreneurship positioning in the modern information-based society is analyzed in the article. The analysis is based on activity approach, social stratification theory, structural-functional theory and neoinstitutional structuration theory in the frames of globalization paradigm. The specific features of entrepreneurship as a social group and social institute are considered and analyzed under the conditions of western society’s globalization.


Key words: entrepreneurship positioning; information-based society; globalization; social responsibility; risks.

Kozlechkov G. G.†† Historic Stages of Technological Advancement, and Neoindustrial Societyís Technical and Technologic Features

The article gives a classification of technological advancement levels that existed throughout the history of productive forces’ evolution. Author defines the stages of the industrial revolution’s development. The article also gives a qualitative analysis of high technologies that characterizes modern neo-industrial society.


Key words: social philosophy; «industrialism»; «post-industrialism»; «neoindustrializm»; «technical level».

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