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Shmatkov V. V.†† University as a Technopolis: A Model of SRSTU Strategic Development for Its Current State

A model of university is presented in the article as a model of technopolis. This model is represented as the optimal one for the nowadays technical university’s development. SRSTU is shown as an example of successful introduction of the model.


Key words: university; strategy; technopolis; development.

Abramovich A. M.†† Schemata Based e-Learning

Today’s human-readable Web provides a possibility to make an education more comfortable and available for Internet users. Leading developers of e-learning’s courseware focus their efforts, mainly, on the creation and recommendation of standards for learning content and associated services as well as on the accumulation and storage of the structured training material. Herewith, the verbal training material’s form traditionally obliges the students to concentrate their attention during a long time for the extraction of the semantics and to spend much time in interaction with teachers. Given that in the modern world an education became permanent task, such learning approach ceases to be relevant.

On the other hand, new technologies of the machine-readable Web allow to automate learning activities and to provide semantics of e-learning content in the portable schemes. This article describes an approach of schemata based e-learning that is anchored on the theory of needs, on the model of commonsense reasoning and on the novel method of domain knowledge representation.


Key words: Semantic Web; Linked Data; the need; reasoning; representation of human experience; need satisfaction domain; Linked Needs; semantic portability; and machine-readable e-learning.

Yarovaya N. V., Vitalyeva E. M.†† Problems of Quality Standardsí Introduction for the Advertising Businesses

Using of quality standards for the advertising businesses is a widely discussed nowadays problem. However, in practice these standards are being used not enough widely. One of the main reasons is that this problem isn’t worked over well. In the article, authors examine some basic quality standards as suitable and adopted enough for nowadays advertising businesses, or not. They also present a way of creating new quality standard, which should increase the quality level of advertising businesses’ work.


Key words: quality system; advertising businesses; synthesis of the philosophy of safety and the philosophy of competitiveness.

Tkachev A. N., Ovchinnikov P. V.†† Analyzing and Forecasting the Enterprisesí High School Graduates Requirements

Authors of the article present a method of forecasting the enterprises’ graduates requirements. The method is based on analyzing the personnel movement processes inside the firm, and on using a complex of mathematical models.


Key words: personnel potential; personnel movement; forecasting; mathematical model; numerical methods.

Dulin A. N., Rybalkin D. A.†† Choosing the Optimum Traderís Strategy for the Decision-Making in the Forex Market

The indicators are being widely used for creating and managing a trading strategy on Forex market. Using a method of simulation, authors of the article prove, that maximum possible positive financial result may be reached by entering the market not on the first, but any other indicator’s signal, and the foregoing depends on concrete oscillator. This conclusion gives a chance to make the optimum adjustment of the considered indicators by the criterion of financial result maximization. In article authors consider the following characteristics: RSI, Stochastic oscillator, MACD.


Key words: Forex; trading; financial result; imitating modeling; probability.

Popodko G. I.†† Essential Conditions for Regionís Economy Switching to Innovative and Social Oriented Development

The essential conditions for region’s switching to innovative and social orientated development are considered in the article. The resources, skilled workers, industrial and scientific potential is analyzed. The disproportions of industrial and social and economic development are revealed. As a result of research, authors present a SWOT-analysis of set aim realization inside and outside conditions.


Key words: innovative and social oriented development; the region; conditions; obstacles; disproportions.

Perederiy M. V., Borovaya L. V.†† Aspects for Development of Industryís Providing with Transport in Russia

Some basic principles of developing cargo transportation organization’s innovative methods are examined in the article. The conditions of transportation services’ market in Russia are also considered. A focus is given to aspects and real possibilities of developing the intermodal transportations in Russia.


Key words: motor transport; innovations; intermodal transportations.

Napkhonenko N. V., Karayeva M. R.†† Multifactor Optimization of the Cityís Passenger Transportation System, Based on Using a Genetic Algorithm

Some actual nowadays problems of city’s passengers motor transportation are analyzed in the article. The advantages and outlooks for using a genetic algorithm to optimize it are also substantiated.


Key words: city’s passengers transportation system; passengers flow; organizing the transportation; optimization models; target function; genetic algorithm; chromosome; gene; population; operator of stochastic variations.

Malova Y. V., Bagrationy K. A., Ivanov M. V.

†† Psychological Component of Public Health Management

Psychological aspect of public health management is analyzed in the article. Medical assistance improvement necessity in the medical institutions is substantiated. An approach to the medical staff and patients’ cooperation optimization is suggested. Methodological base is briefly analyzed.


Key words: public health management; medical staff management; psychological approach.

Ilkovsky K. K.†† Innovative Development of Isolated Power Systems at Various Stages of a Macroeconomic Cycle by the Example of Republic Sakha (Yakutia)

Some problems of exciting the isolated power systems’ innovative development are examined in the article. The role of governmental planning, such as a multi-stage energy reform program, is also improved. The imperatives of innovation development of power system in Republic Sakha (Yakutia) are also analyzed.


Key words: isolated power system; the Unified Energy System of Russia; innovation; investment; functions; macroeconomic cycle; the energy crisis; increasing of power consumption level.

Goridko N. P.†† The Inflation in Ukraine: Regressive One-Factored Models

The influences of different macroeconomic indexes on the price increasing in Ukraine are determined in the paper. There were elaborated some regressive models expressing the dependence of inflation rates upon each factor under constancy of other ones. The main pre-conditions of inflation arising in Ukraine are marked.


Key words: inflation; regressive model; aggregate supply; macroeconomic adjustment.

Demidova N. Y.†† Working out the Methodological Approach to Estimation of Work Efficiency, Based on the Indices of Quality, Productivity and Profitability of Business Activity for Personnel Certification in Coal-Mining Organizations

The article deals with approaches to estimating work efficiency of employees in coal-mining organizations on the basis of indices of quality, productivity and profitability. A method of complex estimation of work efficiency is also presented.


Key words: staff certification; quality; work productivity and profitability; complex estimation of work efficiency.

Aleksandrovskaya L. A.†† Basic Foundation of Managing the Conditions and Protection Activities for the Water Conservation Systemsí Environment

Switching to market economy gives a reason to great changes in the relations between the ground area owners. Nature of the ground area owner becomes a meaningful question. This problem has a number of historical reasons. In the article author examines nowadays forms of ground area owning and ways of nature management.


Key words: ways of managing; market economy; ground area owning; relations of the land tenures.

Ovchinnikova N. G.†† Basic Social, Ecologic and Economic Landsí Properties and their Affect to Regulation of Land Sources Use

In the article author presents some conceptual approaches to creating rational and effective utilization system for ground resources of agricultural purpose in view of economic forces at a stage of transformation the economic, ecologic and social relations in agricultural sphere.


Key words: ground resources; social, ecologic and economic properties; investment potential; ecological funds; nature protection activity; financing.

Satvskaya E. A.†† Analyzing the Ways of Wastes Utilization at the Wrapping Production Enterprises

Author of the article analyzes Russia’s market of wrapping materials. The increasing of competition between the consumer goods (firs of all — foodstuffs) manufacturers, forces the wrapping materials manufacturers to increase their marketing activity and pay more attention to product’s quality. This situation makes the wrapping materials manufacturers to revise the branch’s development strategies in Russia’s regions, and begin to create «the wrapping complexes» in these regions.


Key words: wrapping production enterprises; composite materials; dynamics of the development; paper materials; fast income segments of the economy.

Moskayev S. A.†† Dealersí Activities as an Innovative Factor for Economyís Institutionalization in a Post-Crisis Period

Some features of dealers’ activities as of an innovative factor for Russian economy’s institutionalization in a post-crisis period are examined in the article. The tasks for investigating the dealers’ activities as an institutional reserve for compiling the innovative model of Russian economy are also defined.


Key words: dealers’ activities; innovations; institutional economy.

Piterskaya L. Y., Tlisheva N. A.†† Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of Governmental Support for Agrarian Branch of Economy

The article deals with theoretical and methodological aspects of governmental support for agrarian branch of economy. Authors also assign seven subsystems of the concept of stable economic development, and show the importance of differentiated approach to the provision of governmental support in modern conditions, basing on factor analysis of the share of subsidies and the volume of earnings.


Key words: agrarian branch of the; stable development; the concept of antirecessionary development; the state; efficiency and correctness of governmental support to farmers; subsidies; earnings; factor analysis; district; small, medium and large agrarian business.

Tkalich G. I., Besfamilnaja E. V., Dmitrieva E. V.

†† More about a System of the Educational Institutionsí Financing for the Modernization Conditions

A problem of the educational institutions’ financing becomes an actual one in a period of modernization. The opportunity of using a fundraising as a tool for attracting the additional financial assets, to make the higher education institution’s work effective and increase the education quality, is presented in the article.


Key words: fundraising; financing; institutions of higher education; modernization.

Komissarova M. A.†† Actual Problems of Formalizing the Enterprise Management Systems

Some basic approaches to researching the enterprise management systems are considered in the article. The possibilities of using a new methodical approach to managing Russian industrial companies are also offered. A modern concept of managing an industrial enterprise, based on the positions of complex approach, and on using a system of balanced scorecard as one of the basic management tools, is considered.


Key words: management systems; a complex approach to management; balanced scorecard.

Efimov A. V.†† Some Features of Managing the Intellectual Property of Technical University

Some features of managing the intellectual property inside the structure of technical university are examined in the article. The ways of valuating the intellectual products, which products are being created during the researching and educational processes, are also presented.


Key words: intellectual property; management; valuation; university

Hachac M. G.†† Investment Potential of Nature Protection Funds as the Important Factor of in Nature Protection Activitiesí Financing

In the article author considers the ways of toughening the requirements to organizations and people, which’s activities result to pollution of the environment. Author presents the decreasing of taxes, accounting the expenses on nature protection actions as the taxes, and developing cooperation with tax inspectorates as the ways of exciting the businesses’ environmental protection activities.


Key words: investment potential; nature protection funds; nature protection activities; financing.

Deryabina E. V., Abrashkin M. S.†† Prerequisites for Healing a Labor Rationing System as a Factor of Increasing for Labor Productivity and Economyís Sustainable Development

Some actual problems of labor productivity increasing in view of nowadays economic conditions are examined in the article. It’s disclosed that a kea factor, which determines the labor resources’ effectiveness, is labor rationing. Nowadays this rationing at the enterprises of different branches of Russia’s economy works poorly because of destination and system structure loss. During the examining of theoretical and methodic basis, authors discover five main ways of labor rationing system’s improving, which ones should increase its productivity.


Key words: labÓr; labÓr prÓductivity; labÓr ratiÓning; efficiency Óf the wÓrkfÓrce; human resÓurces management; labÓr standards.

Agafonov D. P.†† The Time Management Optimization on the Basis of the Modern Management Technologies

In the article results of corporate and personal time management system creation at the enterprise of building branch on the basis of the project management system are presented. The system raises efficiency of resources planning, monitoring and the task performance control.


Key words: time-management; planning; monitoring; control; project management.

Pyryaev V. V., Draka O. E.†† Mathematical Methods and Models to Manage the Enterprise

Some actual tasks of enterprise management in the conditions of uncertainty are considered in the article. The described conditions take place ion when the information on the situation either is insufficient or probabilistic. The function of an accessory is developed, basing on processing the statistic data. The received function of an accessory can be used for preparation and choice of the rational decisions in sphere of production control and especially forecasting and long-term planning.


Key words: function of an accessory; mathematical methods in economy.

Moskayev S. A., Gavrilov A. V.†† Providing the Innovative Processes of the Dealersí Activities with the Information

Some features of providing a management of the innovative processes with the information during organizing of the dealers’ activities are examined in the article. A new interpretation of managing the information during the innovation processes, which processes take place when the dealers work, is also presented.


Key words: innovations; dealers’ activities; information.

Polyakova O. V.†† Calculation of Potential GDP, Phillipís Curves and Okunís Law Econometric Estimation (by the example of Kazakhstan Republic)

The article considers potential GDP estimation for economic of Kazakhstan by using technique of substitution. It is making Phillip’s curves estimation by monthly data, that permits calculate non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment (NAIRU). The article contains econometric estimation of Okun’s law on basis of obtained dynamic series.


Key words: potential GDP; Phillip’s curve; non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment (NAIRU); Okun’s law; regression models.

Lozovskaya T. A., Sklyarova I. Y.†† Investments in Development of Russiaís Fuel and Energy Complex

Authors of the article worked out a mechanism of public investments in Russia’s power engineering branch. They also examine the conditions of Russia’s fuel and energy complex, and suggest some possible ways of financial support for its development, and mechanisms of financing.


Key words: fuel and energy complex; strategy of public investment; prospect of the coal industry’s development; governmental policy in power engineering.

Tsapko K. A.†† Development of Value-Based Management System for Design Companies of Road-Building Complex

The most important economic and organizational features of the road-building complex, which effect the formation of its design companies’ value-based management systems, are considered in the article. A value-based management cycle for design companies of road-building complex, which is worked out basing on these features, and the analysis of the cycle’s elements, are also presented.


Key words: value-based management; design company; road-building complex.

Reuk A. M.†† Managing the Stakeholdersí Interests during the Industrial Enterpriseís Bankruptcy Procedure

The article contains a description of stakeholders’ interests managing principles, during the industrial enterprise’s bankruptcy procedure. Description is based on the author’s model of estimating the affect of interests on process and results of bankruptcy procedure.


Key words: bankruptcy; stakeholders; managing the interests.

Gortsevskaya E. A.†† Effectiveness Estimation for the Production Companyís Informational Sources

Some features of nowadays production companies’ informational sources and ways of effectiveness valuation during the informational and economic projecting and managing the production systems are examined in the article.


Key words: information; effectiveness; cost; managing the infomational sources.

Danilov E. A., Slavinskiy V. A.†† Decreasing Risks during Equipment Delivery and Commissioning Organizing at the Industrial Enterprises

A way of decreasing investment projects’ risks, which take place during creating and achievement delivery or modernization of the manufacturing equipment at the industrial enterprises, is presented in the article. The way is based on using a system of EPC-contracts.


Key words: investment risks; industrial enterprises; fixed capital; manufacturing equipment; EPC-contracts.

Rezunik A. V.†† Information Streams of the Enterpriseís Internal and External Business Environment

The analysis of the enterprise’s external and internal business environment, as the examining of all its factors, gives a chance to notice the factors’ division into two groups. Factors of the first group can be managed by a businessman, and ones of the second group can’t be managed. This division is important for acceptance of administrative decisions.


Key words: business environment; a businessman; information streams.

Kuzina O. V.†† IT-Technologies for Reenginiring of Business Process in High School

The effective management of business processes creates the basis for synchronization of objects inside the organization and at the same time provides an effective process of commercialization of scientific and technological activities. In order to improve its performance high school must use an architectural approach and promotion of IT-technologies (applications). With this object in mind in the article are offered the structure of business processes of high school and the steps of transition’s process from business architecture to IT-architecture.


Key words: reengineering; business processes; information systems; information technology; IT-architecture; business architecture.

Kuzina O. V.†† IT-Technologies for Reenginiring of Business Process in High School

The effective management of business processes creates the basis for synchronization of objects inside the organization and at the same time provides an effective process of commercialization of scientific and technological activities. In order to improve its performance high school must use an architectural approach and promotion of IT-technologies (applications). With this object in mind in the article are offered the structure of business processes of high school and the steps of transition’s process from business architecture to IT-architecture.


Key words: reengineering; business processes; information systems; information technology; IT-architecture; business architecture.

Selyaev E. V.†† Creating a Competitiveness Strategy for the Human Service Businesses

The basic statements of creating a competitiveness strategy for the human service businesses are examined in the article. A strategy of development is analyzed from the position of innovative development and looking for the ways of modernizing product, service or manufacturing equipment. Author presents an algorithm of working-out and introduction the competitiveness strategy, which algorithm gives a human service business a possibility to make a model of its market behavior on the stages of strategy’s preparation, introduction and realization. Choosing the optimal policy assures business the best financial conditions for a long period, and profitable market positions.


Key words: services; competitiveness; strategy; innovation; flexibility.

Chepurin P. A.†† Informational Sources of the Enterprises and a Problem of Competitiveness

Some ways of increasing the nowadays industrial enterprises’ competitiveness, which ways are based on perfecting the informational sources, are examined in the article. The informational basis of business’s innovative and competitive advantages, presented as the company’s internal information, is also analyzed.


Key words: industry; competitiveness; informational sources.

Savchuk V. F.†† Basic Ways of Rational Using Funds for Nature Protection

In the article author presents a review of economic problems, which occur during nature protection measuring, social and economic meaning of nature management. These features, author says, should be presented as a part of production’s social costs, and of regions’ and municipal formations’ intentional development programs. Economic effectiveness of nature protection programs should appear as a result of people’s interaction during the material production processes.


Key words: nature management; nature protection costs; natural resources; monitoring of the environment; economic and social result; regeneration of natural resources; economic results of the environment protection.

Fediunin V. V.†† Effectiveness and Ecological Requirement for Heat-and-Power Engineering

Some features of ecological conditions based effectiveness estimation for heat-and-power engineering technologies are examined in the article. It’s shown that heat supply’s affecting the environment depends on heat supply sources’ and networks’ features.


Key words: environmental protection; effectiveness of power engineering; heat-and-power engineering; manufacturing pollutions of the environment.

Sung Y.†† Chinese Entrepreneurs in Russia as a Social and Professional Group, and their Economic Interests

Some social features of Chinese citizens’ business undertaking in nowadays Russia are examined in the article. The habits of business existence, in which one the Chinese capitals are invested, are also considered.


Key words: Chinese people in Russia; business undertaking; social and professional group.

Didenko ņ. ņ.†† Professional Structure of Russiaís Inner Forces

Some ways of studying a professional structure of inner forces as of a social institution are identified in the article. The possible problems and prospects of research are also analyzed.


Key words: professional structure; profession; inner forces; professionalism; social and professional groups.

Chelpanova D. D.†† A Theory of Social Protest and Modernization Effects

This article discusses a theoretical model of protest activity’s determination, covers all stages of the protest potential formation, its actualization and transformation to a social protest. This model is presented as a part of the theory of social modernization; it is displayed in the context of the contradictions between legal and legitimate social institutions and practices.


Key words: legality; legitimacy; modernization; protest potential; social tension; social protest; protest activity.

Lyovkina N. V.†† More About Problem of Institutional Interaction Between Religion and Govermnent: Social and Historical Angles

Author analyses the problems of interaction between religious and governmental institutions in Russia’s history from different points of view. A great attention is paid to Soviet period of Russia’s history. It’s stated that a great number of Soviet Union citizens stayed religious, and reproduced their religiousness to the next generations, contrary to assumed atheisation of society.


Key words: social institutions; religion; state; USSR; atheism.

Tishchenko Y. G.†† Gender Studying of Present-Day College Students in Russian Sociological Sciences

The article proves the importance and significance of gender studying of the present-day students at the institutions of higher educational in nowadays Russia. Author also presents the main results of analyzing Russian sociological publications on the problem of gender stereotypes of Russian students’ consciousness. Besides, the article determines the so-called «theoretical niche», i. e. the direction and perspectives of further working out of the problem mentioned above in Russian youth gender sociology.


Key words: gender research; gender stereotypes of students’ consciousness.

Polyakov A. N.†† Russian Non-Governmental Counter Drug Addiction Organizations, as a Factor of Countryís Social Capital Increasing

Some features of Russian non-governmental counter drug addiction organizations, which ones are a factor of increasing country’s social capital, are analyzed in the article. The results of author’s sociological research, based on an opinion poll among students and young people, are also presented.


Key words: drug addiction; social capital; institutional confidence.

Mogilinets N. N.†† Generalities of Long-Term Preparation Program for Single-Combat Sports

A number of social and educational approaches of organizing a long-term preparation for single-combat sportsmen are examined in the article. Some ways and concepts of organizing the training processes are also presented.


Key words: sports; social and educational methods; a process of trainings.

Donchenko E. V.†† Social and Economic Features of Fabrication and Selling Wellness Products and Services

Some features of fabrication and selling products and services for health care, also known as Wellness products and services, are examined in the article. It’s proved that investigating social and economic perspectives of their work are of theoretical and practical interest, and can help Wellness businesses to increase its effectiveness and to crack some social problems of nowadays Russia.


Key words: Wellness business; effectiveness; social functions; social groups; motivation.

Revunov R. V., Revunov S. V.†† New Ways of Identifying Social, Ecologic and Economic Damages

Authors of the article examine the compensation mechanisms of social, ecologic and economic damages on macroeconomic level, which damages exist as a result of inefficient nature management.


Key words: damage to the environment; nature management; environment; an ecosystem.

Ivanova ņ. ņ.†† Changes of Citizensí Economic Behavior in Russiaís Transitive Society

The brief discourse of economic behavior transformation in a transition period is stated in the article; two major factors, which affect a level of Russia’s transitive economy participants’ rationality, «external information limits» and national economic mentality of Russians in the beginning of the «transition» are also considered. The attention is paid to behavioral principles, which were a base for accepting the economic decisions by Russians in 1990th.


Key words: transitive economy; mentality; rationality; economic behavior; opportunism, market reform.

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