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Sychev V. A.   Macroeconomic Environment’s Dynamics Analyzing and Forecasting Methods for the Enterprises’ Currency Risks Managing

Some of economic and mathematic models’ features are examined for the models, which are worked out to get the intermediate forecast estimation of exchange rates, and affecting these rates macroeconomic processes. The models are worked out to develop the adaptive and rational approach to forecasting, and to be used in currency risks managing systems for the enterprises’ external economic activities.


Key words: external economic activities; exchange rate; financial market; macroeconomic processes; economic and mathematical models of forecasting.

Nizhegorodtsev R. M., Goridko N. P., Khakimov Z. R.

   The Principles of Econometric Modeling in Macroeconomics

The paper discusses some main principles of factor regressional modeling in macroeconomics. The problems of model linearizing, deflation and econometric forecasting, in particular, using methods of catastrophe theory, are under consideration.


Key words: factor regressional models; model linearizing; econometric forecasting; catastrophe theory.

Arzhenovskiy I. V., Arzhenovskiy S. V.   Modeling of Regions’ Innovative Activity

Differentiating factors of Russian regions’ innovative activity are presented in the article. The model of regional innovative activities is also specified and identified.


Key words: innovative activity; regions differentiating; multiple-equation model; panel data.

Trenev N. N.   Economic Features of Restoring the Corruption

Some social and economic features of corruption in nowadays Russia are analyzed in the article. It’s proved that the most efficient method of restoring the corruption is modifying the business laws to take away the laws, which impede the creating of additional value, and working out the laws, which can excite creating of the additional value on the territory of Russia.


Key words: corruption; business laws; additional value.

Smirnova T. L.   Strategy of the Economic Development for the Region’s Industrial Policy and Labour Market

Improving of development strategies in regional economic system is concluded in disambiguation between economic institutes, coordination the labour market and industrial policy, optimization the product factor of innovation models for the economic growing.


Key words: industrial policy; labour market; strategy of the economic development; innovation; factors of the economic growth; unemployment.

Litvinova A. V., Chyornaya E. G.   Nowadays Forms, Kinds, Methods and Instruments of the Reatail Credit: Problems of Interpretation and Use

Some points of view on nowadays used forms, methods, kinds and instruments of the retail credit are studied in the article. The main point and the content of these definitions are also specialized; the proper correlation between them is given. Some basic tendencies and problems of the retail credit on nowadays market are shown in the article.


Key words: retail credit; form; kind; method; instrument; Russia.

Komissarova M. A.   Using a New Paradigm for Strategic Managing of Russia’s Industrial Companies

Some problems of Russia’s industrial enterprises’ strategic managing are examined in the article. The idea of using a new management paradigm to solve these problems is also presented.


Key words: strategic management; strategy; a management paradigm.

Loginova E. V.   Applicability of the Modernization Paradigm to the Analysis of Nowadays Russian Society’s Evolution

The article reveals the essence of modernization paradigm, and the stages of its formation, the characteristic types of modernization processes. The necessity to upgrade nowadays Russia’s social and economic systems is proved, basing on the analysis of basic factors of economic growth.


Key words: modernization theory; types of modernization processes; endogenous factors of economic dynamics; modernization of Russian society.

Krakashova O. A.   Is Comfortable Íousing Affordable to People in Rural Areas of Rostov Region?

The availability of the house building as most prevalent way for someone to get the own house at the rural area is considered. The main factors which influence on the availability of the individual house building are assigned. The system of the integrated indicators to estimate the inhabitants’ availability of house building is offered. The analysis of rural area inhabitants’ housing comfort level in Rostov region is carried out.


Key words: availability of housing; comfortable housing; estimation; house building; infrastructure of the community services.

Zaguliaev D. G.   The Quantum Nature of Situational and Impulse Method of Management for Non-Equilibrium Economic Systems

The article describes an original methodology of managing non-equilibrium economic systems. The quantum essence of non-equilibrium economic systems is shown. Author makes a conclusion that identification of such systems’ quantum nature is very timely and using of quantum solutions in situational and impulse method of non-equilibrium systems’ managing is warranted to resolve theoretical and practical problems with management of such systems.


Key words: methodology of non-equilibrium economic systems managing; quantum essence of non-equilibrium economic systems.

Erina N. M.   Statistical Methods for Studying the Strongly Urbanized Territories’ Environmental Problems

The paper describes some basic factors, which have an influence upon the population’s health. With the help of correlation and regression analysis author shows, how emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere affects a morbidity of the population in Novocherkassk.


Key words: pollution of the environment; correlation and regression analysis; a pairwise economic dependence; population’s sickness rate.

Baskakova T. V., Bistrov V. A.   Grade System: Theory and Practice

The grade system, which is to base accept fair decisions for establishing of salaries, social packages and size of awards and extra charges is considered in the article. Using this effective grade system, the employer can receive a regulation tool, based on three components of expenses on the personnel: salaries, a social package, the award.


Key words: grade system; stimulation; compensation; payment.

Solomentsev K. Y., Beliy O. Y., Sevostyanova Y. P.

   Organizational and Economic Problems and Prospects for Development of Wind-Power Engineering in Russia

The article gives a brief overview of the wind-power engineering all over the world. Some nowadays conditions, problems and development prospects of Russian wind engineering are examined. Author also present a technical and economic analysis of wind generators, which are mounted in Yakutia republic, and propose a method of economic analysis for the introduced projects of wind generators.


Key words: wind-power engineering; technical and economic analysis; wind generator.

Skoblikov V. V.   Strategy of Creating Incentives for Employees’ Innovations at Coal Mining Enterprises

Strategy for provision of incentives for innovation activity at mining enterprises is presented. Indices of stimuli, ways of making-up incentive funds have been devised. Recommendations as for calculating employee incentives for implementing innovations in mining are given.


Key words: innovations; provision of incentives; indices of employee incentives.

Efimov A. V.   Competitive Cooperation as a Strategy for Nowadays Russia’s Institutes of Higher Education

Some features of higher education institutions’ functioning in competitive surroundings of Russia are examined in the article. It’s proved that higher education institutions’ strategy should be appropriately created basing on the concept of competitive co-operation.


Key words: education; managing of higher education institutions; competition.

Lysenko N. V.   Quality Management System for the Institution of Higher Education: Analyzing the Ways of Managing

The role of education in Russian economy’s modernization is analyzed in the article. The importance of quality management system using in the institution of higher education in technics is also shown. Some different ways of managing this type of systems (theoretical and practical), are examined.


Key words: quality of the education; quality management system; way of managing; systems approach; synergetics.

Baranova E. V.   Hydrogeologic Conditions’ Influence upon a Cost of Immovables

The influence of hydrogeologic conditions upon a cost of immovables is elucidated in the article. A number of favorable and adverse hydrogeologic factors are also analyzed.


Key words: cost of the immovables; hydrogeologic conditions; expert advice.

Sizukhina E. A.   Problems of Higher Education and Nowadays Stage of Russia’s Economy’s Development

A successful modernization of Russia’s education systems (that occurs in recent years) states a number of problems for higher education. Training the competent specialists for nowadays Russia’s business is a way of solving these problems. Author analyzes the most typical of Russia’s higher education’s social and economic problems.


Key words: competent; competence; business education.

Smirnova I. G.   Governmental Support of Region’s Agricultural Sector (by the Example of Arkhangelsk Region)

The paper in question substantiates the necessity of governmental support for the Arkhangelsk region and analyses key trends of it. The efficiency evaluation of regional branch support is given.


Key words: agricultural sector; governmental support; target programs; subsidy assistance.

Gorbunova A. Y.   Managing of Gas Equipment Objects’ Development and Exploitation, which Allows for a Seasonal Procedure of the Exploitation

Author examines the organizational and economic basis for managing of gas equipment objects’ development and exploitation, which objects are in seasonal use. Author also presents a method of substantiation for the expenses on theses objects maintaining. The method is based the accounting of objects’ utility potential.


Key words: gas equipment; expenses; exploitation; utility potential.

Bandurina I. P.   Social Capital and Social Control in Russian Economy: the Role of Environmental Organizations

The role of non-governmental environmental organizations in the implementation of social control over economic activities is shown in the article. The control makes them to preserve the environment and use natural resources effectively. The role of these organizations in creating of social and human capital is also presented.


Key words: ecology; nature protection organizations; nature; social control; social capital; human capital.

Chutchenko S. G.   A Comprehensive Approach to Creating Organizational and Economic Instruments for Managing a Competitiveness of Building Organization’s, Functioning in a Region

The actual tasks for creating the economic instruments for managing a competitiveness of building organization, which works in a region are analyzed. The problems of engaging the managers, creating and using the informational resources for increasing the value of a business and improving the competitiveness are also examined.


Key words: building; competitiveness; region.

Novikova N. B.   Fractal Methods and Economically Minimal Production System Concept for Managing of the Innovations

The appropriateness of using the methods, which are based on the economically minimal production system concept and fractal concept, to create the innovative systems is proved in the article. Some instruments for practical use of the method are also presented.


Key words: production systems; innovations; fractals.

Afanasyeva A. V.   Building Business: Economic Aspects of Self-Regulation

The classification of market participants is presented in the article. The dynamics of construction organizations’ conditions in post-crisis period is also analyzed. Some problems, which appear as a result of changes in Russia’s legislative base are identified.


Key words: construction engineering; building organization; market participants; self-regulatory organizations; competition.

Chistova V. A.   Managing the Development of Production Enterprises’ Innovations and Problems with Investments

Some features of managing the innovations and development at Russia’s production enterprises are examined from the positions of investment supply. The ways of embedding the economic entities into the national system of innovations are also offered.


Key words: innovations; investing; national economy; enterprises.

Serdyukova E. V.   Modernization of Russian Regions’ Industry and Problems of Social Investments

Some problems, which take place during accomplishing the tasks for innovative development of Russian regions’ enterprises and business groups, are examined in the article. The role of social investments for solving the problems of modrnization is also shown.


Key words: innovations; modernization; regions; social investments.

Ivanova À. À.   Economic Behavior in the Wiew of Social and Economic Patterns’ Affection

A brief review of economic behavior stereotypes’ appearance is presented in the article. The influence of social and economic stereotypes upon the consciousness and behavior of people in various social groups is also described. Special attention is paid to essays of scientists, working on the problem. Some basic elements of stereotypes’ appearance phenomenon in these essays are selected and the most important ones are generalized.


Key words: stereotype; stereotypes’ appearance; social and economic stereotypes; economic behavior; economic thinking.

Chumakov S. V.   Policy of Population’s Social Adaptation to Changing Conditions of Municipal Maintenance

The author investigates an important problem of population’s social behavior in the conditions of radical Russian reforms. The problem of citizens’ adaptation to market relations in housing and communal services spheres is analyzed, difficulties of perception of the innovations are shown on the materials of local researches, and possible ways of regulating the «power-population» relations are planned.


Key words: housing and communal services; the markets; reforms; adaptive behavior; own habitation; managing companies.

Ivanenko N. S.   A Sociologic Portrait of the Incomer from another Town

Author of the article presents «the incomer’s being» as a matrix of self-identification, which matrix affects the life strategies and values of youth. Grounding this position, author uses the innovative procedures to characterize the territorial differences in the life of young students.


Key words: territorial mobility; students from other towns; integration; local students; identity.

Kuzmin A. V.   Some Aspects of the Relations Between Legal Restrictions and Mechanism of Rights Restoration

Article is devoted actual problems of limited subjective rights restoration. Some kinds of legal restrictions on character of subjective right carriers’ actions legitimacy are considered, basing on kinds of rights and restricting subjects. The analysis of restoration mechanism’s features is also carried out, depending on a way of subjective right restriction.


Key words: subjective right; rights restoration; restriction of the subjective right; the state of emergency; martial law; opposition to terrorism.

Sidorenko S. A.   Tolerance and Cross-Cultural Communications

The actual questions how necessary the tolerance (as a characteristic trait of a personality) is for nowadays society, which is going to carry on a cultural dialogue, keep the intercultural cooperation and prevent the cross-cultural conflicts are examined in the article.


Key words: tolerance; public consciousness; mutual understanding; respect; hostility; various cultures; tradition; interaction; ethnos; diversity of cultures.

Popova E. M.   Managing the Production Enterprises’ Business Processes with the Help of Innovative Approaches

Some problems of managing the business processes at Russia’s coal mining enterprises are examined in the article. The examined management strategies are based on using of technical and organizational innovations. Author also presents a model of methodological support for business processes’ development.


Key words: business processes; management; innovations; production enterprises; coal mining.

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