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Eleneva Y. A., Golubev A. M.†† Intangible Assets Management in a Controlling System of the Industrial Enterprise

This article deals with management of intangible assets as a part of industrial enterprise property. Identified and unidentified intangible assets accounting problems are discussed. Special attention is paid to the elements of intangible assets controlling system.


Key words: industrial enterprise; intangible assets; controlling; data-management registers.

Goridko N. P., Nizhegorodtsev R. M.†† Technological Saturation and Investment Efficiency in Nowadays Economy of Ukraine

The paper is devoted to econometric investigation of a linkage between GDP volume and velocity of its growth in Ukrainian economy for the last 20 years, and econometric analysis of investment acceleration effect. It discusses technological and institutional preconditions of extension of economic crisis and the ways of its overcoming.


Key words: GDP; technological saturation; economic crisis; regressional model; investment accelerator.

Shmatkov V. V.†† Global Tendencies of Scientific and Innovative Activitiesí Development, and Tasks for the Universities in Russiaís Regions

The tendencies of nowadays scientific and innovative activities, which tendencies are determined with globalization and other economic features, are examined in the article. Some tasks for the universities, which include researches and innovative activities, which become actual because of these tendencies, are also presented.


Key words: economy’s globalization; innovations; universities; Russia’s regions.

Vodolazskiy A. A.†† Modernization of the Economy from the Point of Economic Theory (Theoretical, Methodological and Practical Issues)

Some basic economic principles are analyzed in the article with the help of physics methodology’s elements. It’s impossible for all country’s businesses to take part in a process of economic modernization, as impossible is their successful being in a democratic society without quantitative determinacy and constitutient evaluating of practical use for these principles.


Key words: modernization of the economy; labor productivity; salary; prices and pricing.

Abramovich A. M.†† Towards the Guided Software Synthesis

A software synthesizer, which is able to extract a semantics from customer’s specification, transforms it into machine-readable form, and creates a new software, basing on ready-to-use parts of code is presented in the article.


Key words: guided synthesis; domain knowledge representation; target activity; constructive elements; manager syntax.

Aliev D. F.†† Modernization of Nowadays Russiaís Production Systems: Some Problems in Industrial Policy

The influence of industrial policy on production systems’ modernization processes in Russia’s regions is analyzed in the article. Its influence on working out the projects and manager’s decisions is analyzed too. Some ways of creating and choosing managing instruments for such conditions are also suggested.


Key words: modernization; production system; industrial policy; economic instruments.

Garkusha V. N.†† Methods of Organizationís Corporative Environment Scanning: Analysis and Practical Use

The widest distributed methods of the organization’s corporative environment scanning: STEP-analysis, SWOT-analysis, merits and demerits of these methods are analyzed in the article. Method of TOWS-analysis use is also presented as an important instrument of the organization’s corporative environment scanning. It’s shown, how useful can TOWS-analysis method be for substantiating of organization’s development strategy. Some basic results of TOWS-analysis, their formulation and using for organization’s development strategy substantiating are shown by the example of the specific enterprise.


Key words: scanning methods; external environment; internal environment; STEP-analysis; SWOT-analysis; strategic factors; weighting coefficient; TOWS-analysis; resort approach of the organization’s activities; competence; key and discriminating competencies.

Shebarov A. I.†† Administration System for Innovative Development of the Production Systems: Structure and Efficiency Indicators

The article is intended to introduce a structure of administration system, intended to the innovative development of the production systems’ provision, and the efficiency indicators for such type of system. The issue’s background includes the conceptual model of innovative development of production systems management and systems engineering principles, elaborated by the author.


Key words: innovative development; production system; administration system for the innovative development; technical capitals; system’s structure; indicators of system’s efficiency.

Strezhkova M. A.†† To the Question of Investmentsí Efficiency for the Development of Innovative Nuclear Power Industry in Russia

Target reference points of nuclear electric power industry’s innovative development in Russia are considered in the article. The indication of investments efficiency for nuclear projects, based on the experience of world’s countries, is also made. A way of efficiency increasing for atomic power stations’ power production, which is built upon using of primary energy for manufacturing of a commodity output with high level of processing and sizeable added value, is also offered.


Key words: a concept of innovative development; efficiency of the investments; growth of the added value.

Reznik A. N.†† Innovative Climate of the City as a Reason for its Social and Economic

The economic entity of innovative climate is examined in the article. Some ways of managing city’s innovative potential are also presented. The numerous tools, which can be used by local government to maintain innovative projects, are suggested.


Key words: innovations; municipality; government order; competitiveness.

Kritina E. D.†† The Way of Getting over Crisis: Enlarging of Habitation Ownersí Associations, Limited with the Size of Block

Some ways of making habitation owners’ associations better financially founded by their enlarging, which enlarging is limited with the size of blocks, are examined in the article. The algorithm of enlarging is presented, which is based on some features of habitation owners’ associations production and financial activities.


Key words: habitation owners’ association; enlarging of habitation owners’ associations, limited with the block size.

Fediunin V. V.†† Economic Valuation of Production Technologiesí Using Effectiveness for Nature Management of the Enterprises

Some features of the effectiveness valuating at the enterprises, which use the nature’s resources, are examined in the article. It’s shown that the important indicator of the effectiveness is the enterprise’s stable functioning in the environment, and the level of technologies’ approaching to the level of the utmost effectiveness, which level means the least polluting of the environment with the industrial outbursts.


Key words: ecology; technologies’ effectiveness; industrial outbursts.

Eshugova S. K.†† Agrarian Productionís Reorganization for Nowadays Market Conditions: Methodological Problems and Tasks for Economic Studies

Some tasks for researchers are analyzed in the article. These tasks should be accomplished to create a new managing system for Russian regions’ agrarian production, and to promote the processes of economic consolidation, based on cluster approach, in regional agroindustrial complexes.


Key words: agroindustrial complex; region; economic consolidation.

Sokolova M. A.†† Comparison of World Stock Exchangesí Main Markets

Russian market of Initial Public Offering (IPO) is investigated. IPO carried out by Russian issuers for the period from 1996 to 2010 are considered. Preferences of the companies in relation to the markets for shares placement are analysed. Comparison of the listing requirements of Stock Exchanges’ main markets is submitted.


Key words: IPO; stock exchange selection; listing requirements; LSE; NYSE; Deutsche Börse; MCSE.

Bogovskaya E. V.†† Experiece and Development of Quality Management Systems in Japan and USSR

Some features of quality management systems’ development in Japan and USSR, which systems are based on statistic checking of product’s quality, are studied and analyzed in the article.


Key words: managing of product’s quality; statistic checking of quality; quality management systems.

Mazhutis M. V.†† Cluster of the Network as a Basic Model of the Enterpriseís Informational Surrounding

Some features of network clusters’ functioning as of nowadays enterprise’s informational surrounding are examined in the article. It’s proved that exterior effects, the reason for which is sparseness of resources, used in cluster, are the bigger, the better developed industrial production appears in cluster, and the less, the better developed informational production appears.


Key words: business network; cluster; informational resources.

Gortsevskaya E. A.†† Economic Features of the Enteprisesí and Business-Groupsí Organizational Culture Generating

Some features of nowadays organizational culture, which are associated with the apperarnce of knowledge economy, are examined in the article. The hypothesis of «values management» concept’s efficiency for business is also presented (an above-said concept was worked out for eductional institutions’ manging).


Key words: organizational culture; knowledge economy; maanging of human resources.

Abazieva K. G.†† Demographic Factors and Employment of People in Pensionable Age: Gender Analysis

The paper presents the analysis of gender employment structure at Russia’s labor market, which analysis bases on official statistics’ information. Author argues the impact of different social and demographic factors on the gender structure of pensioners’ labor force.


Key words: gender structure; employment; pensionable age; lifetime; labor market.

Naumova N. A.†† Modeling of Education Quality Control IMS (Information Management System)

The article describes some typical questions of information processes’ modeling for education quality management/control in higher education institutions. The information system (IMS) projecting is carried out by using BPwin CASE-tool, which supports IDEF0 methods (functional model), DFD (Data Flow Diagram) and IDEF3 (Workflow Diagram).


Key words: education quality; education quality management/control; information system model (IMS model).

—humakov S. V., Alekseev S. V.†† Projecting of Housing and Communal Sphere Modernizationís Consequences: Analyzing of Results and Appraisals

Some problems of reforms’ realization in housing and communal sphere are examined in the article. The possibility for this sphere’s organization’s effective work and the results of reform for managing companies and habitation owners are also studied. Some new approaches to a substantiation of housing and communal services rates, and their influence on a social and economic situation in the country are presented.


Key words: reforms; associations of habitation owners; managing companies; housing and communal services; rates; markets; consumers.

Kolbacheva T. A., Donchenko E. V.†† Network Organizations in Russia and a Phenomenon of Business Sectarianism

Some social features of destructive events, which are known as business sectarianism, and can take place in networks and in other kinds of organizations are examined in the article. By the example of MLM companies authors show that using of constructive ways for interaction between network members, it’s possible to prevent the appearance of business sectarianism in organization.


Key words: MLM networks; business sectarianism; professional communities.

Alekseev S. V., Smykov I. S.†† Water Supplyís Social Role and Quality of Life Level

Qualitative water delivering to the population is now thought as a problem, and for lots of regions can become a great trouble very soon. So the authors’ attempt to present a deep analysis of a problem is successful and actual. An extensive description of a condition and population’s relation to volumes and quality of water supply is presented in the article. Some interesting results of sociologic researches are also presented; the reasons of housing and communal services’ inconsistency are established.


Key words: marketing and sociologic researches; water resources; quality; estimations; resources; the population.

Samurgashev V. V.†† Sports Organizations and Solving Russiaís Social Problems: Sports Organizations and Social Capital of Russian Society

A role of nowadays sports organizations in solving of Russia’s social problems is examined in the article in context of Russian society’s social capital increasing. It’s also proved that sports culture includes a number of important social values.


Key words: sports organizations; social capital; sports culture.

Chulanov V. A., Baburin K. S.†† Youth Subcultures as a Basis for Extremist Radical Ideasí Appearance

The beginning of 20th century prepared a new milestone on the ways of humanity’s social world development for the booming, postwar era. After a long time, the representatives of youth reliably counterculture finally began to declare themselves and spilled out the philosophical young reliably manifestation. Because of the society’s democratization, changes in the regulatory system of values and social structures, the youth consciousness goes through a revolution.


Key words: young people; counterculture; extremism; radical ideas.

Harchenko E. B.†† Work and Value Motivations of Cadets in Military Higher Education Institutions

Some military higher education institution cadets’ cognitive dispositions and dispositions of social orientation are analyzed in the article. The analysis is made in context of higher education value’s inversion and its educative strategies’ instrumentalizion, with simultaneous taking higher education as a fundamental value. Cadets’ dispositions are examined together with perspectives of military higher education’s modernization.


Key words: higher military education; cadets’ social disposition; personal probability with needed resources; military specialist.

Vodenko C. V.†† Scientistís Social Responsibility and the Ethos of Nowadays Science

The article is devoted to a topical issue, which’s associated with the research of a social dimension of science. It’s mentioned that social meanings of science reveal themselves primarily in context of science’s social responsibility and relation to ethical values. The issue of nowadays scientist’s ethos is also in close relationship with a problem of science’s social responsibility. The concepts of modern social-and-philosophical thinking on the problem of moral responsibility of scientists and the science are analyzed. It’s also drawn a logical deduction, which confirms that it is necessary to consider socio-cultural and moral characteristics while analyzing the development of modern science.


Key words: science; society; social responsibility; morality; ethos.

Shevchenko A. N.†† Nowadays Family in Average Russian City: an Intergenerational Analysis (by the Example of Shakhty)

In the article author considers some basic problems of the family as of the institution in an average Russian city. Using the intergenerational analysis, he discovers different generations’ attitude to urgent problems and questions.


Key words: intergenerational analysis; family; family values; family crisis; transformation of the family.

Polyakov A. N.†† Stratification Description of Drug Addiction Resisting Non-Governmental Organizationsí Participants

Some statistical information, which was received during the internet inquiry of the drug addiction resisting non-governmental organizations’ participants is analyzed in the article. Basing on this information, author determines the stratification description of the social group. Some features of the drug addiction resisting non-governmental organizations’ functioning are also interpreted basing on interactionalistic approach and postulates of nowadays group sociology.


Key words: drug addiction resisting non-governmental organizations; stratification description;opinion poll; stratification mobility.

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