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Brink I. Y., Kolbachev E. B., Sirotkin A. Y.   Managing a Modernization of the Enterprises’ Production Systems

Some goals and tasks for nowadays Russian production’s innovative activities are examined in the article. The economic substance of enterprise’s production systems modernizing is also studied. It’s proved that the increasing of human capital and of work’s creativity level should be regarded as the innovative activity’s basic goal for those systems. Such increasing of human capital appears as a result of innovations, which increase workers’ professional thesaurus in a production system. A methodological basis for innovation management’s economic instruments creating is also presented.


Key words: innovations; social goals; economic instruments; human capital; creativity.

Lukjanov A. S.   Managing System for Workers’ Innovative Creation Activity

Some problems of creating an effective system for workers’ innovative creation activity managing are considered in the article. A ground for this system’s basic subsystems is also presented. The reasons, which are an obstacle to system work on innovative creativity management in the enterprises, are analyzed.


Key words: management; innovations; creative work; creative work’s managing system; effectiveness.

Kuzminov A. N., Shelepova N. S.   Effects of Regional Social and Economic System’s Endogenuous Factors on an Innovative Development’s Nature

A model of region’s technological development evaluation is examined in the article. This model is based on dynamic accounting of key endogenous factors, such as regional economy’s branch structure, structure of labor resources, structure of higher education institutions’ graduates, and other. An index of the parametric stability is being used as model’s key parameter.


Key words: region; technological development forecasting; endogenous factors; trend; cenosis.

Nozhenkov A. A., Tikhonovskova S. A., Zhulega I. A.   Electricity Markets’ Functioning and Reorganization in Nowadays Economy: Financial and Economic Aspects

The article elucidates an actual problem of electrical power engineering branch’s reforming, which reforming can provoke changes in structures and mechanisms of the electricity markets’ functioning. The following factors are shown as the disadvantages of electricity market’s developing: depreciation of fixed assets, declining investment in power generation, the current system of tariff determining, etc. As a way out from the crisis situation it’s offered to attract private investment into Russia’s power industry, and to unify some major territorial, interstate and intercontinental associations with the functions of an infrastructure sector.


Key words: economics; market; electrical power engineering; reforming; investments.

Tkhakushinov E. K.   Organizing of an Investment Risks’ Valuation System for a Region

A method of investment risk’s valuation system’s organizing for a regional level of hierarchy is examined in the article. Importance of this valuation is also grounded. A place of risk valuation in object-subject management system is clearly shown.


Key words: region; investments; risk management.

Gavrilov A. V.   Some Features of Innovation Processes’ Informational Supplying

Some features of the innovation processes’ informational supplying in the enterprises are examined in the article. Author presents a new conception of innovation processes’ managing. This conception is based on an idea of high-level managing securing for business-processes’ informational substance.


Key words: innovations; production systems; information.

Deliunova N. G.   Methods of Production Enterprise’s Fixed Capital Managing

Some ways of planning for production enterprise’s technological instrumentation modernizing are characterized in the article. Some ways of work organizing are also presented. All these ways are based on a system of EPC/M-contracts.


Key words: fixed capital; equipment; modernization; EPC/M-contracts.

Zelenskaya O. A.   Valuating of Territorial Industrial Cluster Participants’ Establishing and Closeness of Their Relations

Some features of informational relations between the enterprises, which belong to region’s industrial cluster are examined in the article. A way of these relations’ closeness valuating is also offered. The index of the enterprise’s establishing inside a cluster is worked out. This index is based on valuating of the enterprise’s fractal properties.


Key words: cluster; fractal properties; enterprises.

Nefedov D. M.   Theoretical Analysis of Taxes’ Activating Effect

A content of taxes’ impact is supplemented by a characteristic of their activating effect in the article. It’s shown that the ability of activating effects should be considered as a formation of economic phenomena.


Key words: tax policy; tax effect; stimulating a subfunction; economic phenomenon; activating effect; enabling environment.

Bosykh V. V.   Manufacture’s Development Valuation for the Enterprises, which Participate in Competitive Aucion to Get a Local Government’s Order

Author shows, how important the competitiveness valuating is for the enterprises, which participate in competitive auction to get a local government’s order. The valuating should be hold during the orders’ placing. Some ways of competitiveness valuating are also presented.


Key words: government’s order; region; competitiveness.

Feodosiadi E. A.   Crisis Originators and Anti-Crisis Management for a Municipal Formation: Some Problems of Municipal Enterprises

Some features of municipal enterprises’ crisis conditions are examined in the article. The ways of anti-crisis management for these enterprises, as the ways of securing their economic stability are also considered. It’s shown that economic stability managing of the municipal enterprises and other local governments’ formations is a special field, because these formations’ missions and tasks are specific.


Key words: crisis; diagnostics; financial conditions; economic stability; municipal enterprises.

Kurkina N. I.   Some New Functional Branches of Exhibition Marketing

It is impossible to implement the integrated conception of marketing without developing new spheres of activities, such as patent maintenance and certification. The experience we have, with the organizational and material recourses, lets us to carry exhibitions out on higher level of quality.


Key words: exhibition marketing; patent; certification; integration.

Chulanov V. A., Knyazev I. V., Bondarenko V. I.

   Modernization Paradigm for Researching of Transformational Processes in Russia

Authors of the article consider a situation, in which a problem of social transformation is being changed from a theoretical project into real programs and political constructions. So, they argue, it’s currently important to consider modernization processes’ essence, verge, and some different concepts of them.


Key words: modernization; paradigm; society; globalism; development; mechanisms and models of modernization; Russia; state.

Kondratova N. V.   Professional Community of Retailment Networks’ Workers, Its Stratification Mesures

Some features of retailment network workers’ stratification in nowadays Russia are examined in the article. The results of sociologic research, that was hold among different categories of retailment networks’ workers, are also presented.


Key words: trade; retailment networks; social stratification; social mobility.

Bondarenko V. I.   Changing of National and Regional Elites’ Social Generation Processes

The article analyzes an actual sociologic problem of national and regional elites’ social generating and reproduction in a context of Russian society’s reforms. Some basic ways of elites’ formation and this formation’s relations to processes of society’s differentiation and ethnic stratification are also shown in it. Nowadays tendencies, which exist in regions’ interaction with the country’s core, are analyzed too. We name these tendencies «a new regionalism».


Key words: social elite; regional elite; national elite; ethnic belonging; social space; ethnic segmentation; title ethnoses; elitology; institutional and cultural elite.

Karnaukhova O. S.   Concept of Citizenship in the Context of Contemporary Cultural Studies

The article considers procedures of citizenship’s transformations from a political concept to a cultural one. Citizenship in the European context of Cultural Studies appears to not only being linked with changing and forming of a new collective identities but also falling into erosion within globalization.


Key words: citizenship; collective identity; globalization.

Baburin K. S.   Extremism in the Youth Habitat of Shakhty: Manifestation Forms and Level of Dissemination

The results of sociologic research are presented in the article. The theme of research is a problem of youth extremism in Shakhty. It’s concluded that extremism now becomes an integral component of a social environment around Russia’s young people, and violence appears as a kind of value, life strategy and dominant behavior pattern.


Key words: young people; extremism; sociological study; extremist behavior.

   Conference «Management of the Innovations 2010», 10TH Druker Readings (Moscow, IMP RAS, November 2010) (chronicle)

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