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Vancsek T., Nizhegorodtsev R. M.†† Short-Run Phillips Curve for Contemporary Hungaryís Economy

The paper proves the existence of short-run Phillips curve for the economy of Hungary in 2004-2009 years. The trends of correspondent relations are determined by linear regression models.


Key words: Phillips curve, unemployment, inflation, regression models.

Perederiy V. G., Gasanov B. G., Napkhonenko N. V.

†† Some Features of Firm and Dealer Car Service Centerís Work on Russian Market

Some basic characteristics of car service attendances’ market, ways of its developing, and problems of management at car services market are examined in the article. Some basic organizational forms of car vendors service-partners’ work, and their ways of clients attracting are also analyzed.


Key words: human services; service-partner; developing of the market; client; service’s organizational structure; after-sales service.

Abramovich A. M.†† Linked Needs

Modern Web technologies lead to a new virtual reality, where instead of the usual sites and pages Internet user will be provided with structured audio, video or textual information. This information will be generated as a response to the specification of user’s needs. The situation requires various Target Web search engines to appear that provide domain-specific interfaces for the obtaining and processing of users specifications. Target Web search engines shall process commonsense knowledge, which expresses human needs to be mined from different sources by different ways.

This paper offers an overview of the new approach aimed at extraction, representation and browsing knowledge about human needs in the Web.


Key words: Linked Data; Linked Needs; ontology; semantics; knowledge representation; reasoning; query-answering system.

Chutchenko S. G.†† Information Resource Management for the Building Organizationís System of Economic Stability and Competitiveness Securing

In the article author proves, that value of building organization’s business is a substantial index, which characterizes perspectives and appeal of the business, and quality of its management. That’s why, author means, informational and economic approach is useful for building organization’s competitiveness managing.


Key words: building; competitiveness; economic stability; business value; information.

Zelenskaya O. A., Kostokova S. N.†† Tendencies and Outlook for Strategic Management Instrumentsí Development

A basis for strategic management, which exists in nowadays enterprises and business-groups, is examined in the article. It’s also offered to use production and business systems’ level of information materialization as a measure of their strategies’ development.


Key words: strategy; enterprise management; information.

Kovalev S. V.†† Technologic Processesí Designing for Radio-Electronic Devicesí Industry

This article discusses the ways of modern technologies using for production parameters’ designing in machine-building. These ways are based on methods of mathematical modeling, forecasting, verification and modeling of technologic processes, which take place during the manufacturing of radio-electronic devices. Technical and economic problems of production processes’ working out for radio-electronic equipment production are also examined. The development of cost-effective technology for production processes design and production engineering is also considered.


Key words: modern technologies; forecasting of computers’ production parameters; design of engineering enterprise’s technologic processes.

Sirotkin A. Y.†† Social Goals of Innovative Activities in Nowadays Russia, and Objectives for the Economic Instruments

Some social goals of innovative activities in nowadays Russia’s industry are examined in the article. It’s also proved that extension of human capital should be hold as a basic goal of the innovative activities. This extension appears as a result of innovations, and becomes apparent as an extension of workers’ professional thesaurus in the innovative production systems. Offered a way of economic instruments’ creating, based on these statements.


Key words: innovations; social goals; economic instruments; human capital.

Bodrukhin K. N.†† Diagnostic Instruments for a System of Corporative Knowledge Management

Some features of corporative knowledge auditing, and role of this auditing for knowledge management in nowadays organizations are examined in the article. An algorithm of corporative knowledge auditing, and a knowledge map for a typical telecommunicational company are also worked out.


Key words: knowledge economy; corporative resources; management of the enterprise.

Evdokimova E. P.†† Personnel Valuation and Oneís Career Managing

Some methods of personnel valuation are analyzed in the article with reference to workers’ career managing. It’s shown that one of the basic arguments, promoting an effective work and attachment to a place of employment is a possibility for climbing the ladder, as for identity and professional growth, which the employer gives. Some features of such philosophy realization in nowadays Russia’s enterprises are also examined.


Key words: managing of one’s career; personnel valuation; attestation interview.

Danilov E. A.†† Production Systemís Development Potential

An economic essence of production system’s development potential is examined in the article. A way of working out a methodic complex for valuation and forecasting production system’s prospects is also resented. This analysis of a production system helps to make a decision about investing its development, and about carrying out any innovative projects in it.


Key words: production system; economic potential; economic resources; innovations; information.

Popov K. V.†† Strategic Perspective of Production Enterprise Managementís Work during its Modernization

A strategy of Russia’s production enterprises development in pre-crisis period is analyzed in the article. The role of enterprise’s development managing in its economic stability securing is also shown. The ways of modernization processes’ management perfecting in post-crisis period are presented as a conclusion.


Key words: enterprise; modernization; management; planning; strategy.

Gorbunova A. Y.†† Paying for Energy Resources: Role of Discharge Measurement Errors

Some features of natural gas discharge measuring devices’ rational precision characteristics evaluation for gas supplying systems of production enterprises and town buildings are examined in the article. The ways of flowmeters’ technical characteristics determining, based on gas supplying system’s economic parameters are also shown.


Key words: effectiveness; energy saving; natural gas; flowmeters; precision of measurements.

Chulanov V. A., Gurba V. N.†† Phenomenon of Terrorismís Social Support

«Survivability» of nowadays terrorism is caused in many respects by various ways of this social phenomenon’s public support. This factor causes a stable practice of recruiting terrorist cadres, and an ideological basis for material and financial security of terrorists’ activity. The nature, sources and forms of terrorism support are considered in the article.


Key words: terrorism; criminality; violence; clans; aggression; support; elite; resources; appeal; justice.

Bandurina I. P.†† Sociology of the Markets: Conceptual Solvations for the Ecological Problems

Some ways of ecological problems solving in the market society’s conditions are presented in the article. It’s shown that concept of social ressentiment can be used as an effective methodological basis for nature management. This concept states a priority of values, which are common to all mankind, above a technological modernization and commercial goals.


Key words: ecology; economics of nature management; ressentiment; ecological risks; ecological movements.

Yhun L.†† Teleonomic Goal Setting and Strategic Management at Russian-Chinese Joint Ventures: Role of Enterpriseís Mission

Actual problems of Russian-Chinese joint ventures’ development are examined in the article as applied to social and economic results of these ventures’ activity. A way of mission stating for such enterprises is also worked out. This way is based on the teleonomic goal setting concept.


Key words: Russian and Chinese business; joint ventures; mission of the enterprise; teleonomic goal setting.

Choumakov S. V.†† Level of Communal Infrastructureís Development as a Social Progress Index

Public service’s development and modernization is an important and complicated problem, which in Russia needs reforms to be solved. Author of the article investigates social aspects of an urban infrastructure’s development, and the role of this structure in perfection of people’s life style.


Key words: public service; modernization; accommodation; city; water; countryside; life quality.

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