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Perederiy V. G.   A Memorable Milestone (chronicle)

Chapek V. N.   Faculty of Humanitarian, Social and Economic Education – SRSTU Center of Economists’ Teaching

The results of SRSTU (NPI) Humanitarian, Social and Economic Education Faculty’s work, which are related to teaching of economists and managers are described in the article. Some basic ways of faculty’s work perfection in nowadays conditions are also examined.


Key words: economic education; a process of learning; scientific researches.

Kolbachev E. B.   Development of Russia’s Engineering Economy and Production Management: Role of Higher Education

Roles of engineering economy and production management in Russian national economy’s modernization are examined in the article. An importance of these branches’ priority developing in technical higher education institutions is shown. An influence of changing to level system of higher professional education on engineering and economic education in higher education institutions is also analyzed.


Key words: engineering economy; production management; modernization; higher education.

Sukharev O. S.   Russia’s Industry: Analysis of the Conditions and Development Prospects

Nowadays conditions of Russia’s industry, and some negative trends, which are reasons for crisis occurrences in industry’s branches, are examined in this work. It’s shown, that using of instruments for hierarchic structures’ analysis helps to increase the efficiency of industrial production’s development, and to avoid the dysfunctions in economic systems’ functioning. It’s also concluded that managing decisions, made for the industrial production’s development, should take in account an interdependence between the qualified personnel and funds, which are to be created.


Key words: industry; hierarchic structures; resources.

Alekseeva E. N., Nizhegorodtsev R. M.   Valuation of Country’s Potential GDP (for Kazakhstan Republic, as an Example)

The paper is devoted to evaluation of Kazakhstan Republic’s potential GDP by two methods – involved resource method and price level method. The economic sense of obtained results is discussed, in order to draw some conclusions about GDP forecasting methods based on the invented models.


Key words: potential GDP; resource volume; price level, productivity function.

Orlov A. I.   Informal Informational Economics of the Future – Basic Oranizational and Economic Theory

Some basic ideas of the future informal and informational economics are analyzed in the article. Using of the future economics theory as a basic economic theory instead of «economics» is also proved.


Key words: management; production organization; economic theory; informational technologies; theory of the decision-making; experts’ assessments; prediction.

Trenev N. N.   Democracy Institutions as an Instrument of Innovative Economics’ Development

The role of democratic institutes in an innovation economy is discussed in the paper. An innovation economy is able to provide a good quality of life for population due to big added value. The big added value is created due to enough consumption of public goods. To consume enough consumption of public goods it is necessary to form and to develop democratic institutes.


Key words: democratic institutes; innovation economy; public choice mechanisms.

Novik E. V.   Creation of Managers’ «Production Systems’ Development (PSD) and Their Continual Perfection, Based on «Lean» Concept» Competence, as a Part of High School Education’s Modernization

An importance of «Production systems’ development (PSD) and their continual perfection, based on „lean“ concept» competence creation for managers is proved in the article. An experience of lean production teaching, based on «lean» system, by «Center Orgprom» consulting firm is also analyzed. A possibility for using this experience in High school’s work is examined.


Key words: Production Systems’ Development (PSD); lean production system; lean production concept; Russian Lean Forum; competence approach; competence; coaching; case.

Pereyaslova I. G., Bodrukhina N. N., Bodrukhin K. N.   More about Knowledge Management Problem’s Urgency for Russia’s Enterprises (Results of an Empirical Research)

The results of the authors’ empirical research are presented. Some problems of an effective knowledge management system’s introduction on practice are also shown.


Key words: industrial production; production systems; development monitoring; diagnostics; cognitive system; knowledge management system.

Kovalev S. V.   Working up a Method of Designing an Automated Life Cycle Maintaining System for the High-Technology Production Wares

Some problems of modeling a technology for the instrument-making enterprise’s wares system life cycle processes managing, which modeling is based on introduction of informational technologies and firmware complexes, are examined in the article. A methodological way of the perspective informational technologies’ introduction at the enterprise, which is presented in the article, makes such technologies useful for the defense industry, civil machine-building, and other branches of national economy. This way can also promote the increasing of GDP and value of high-technology productions in the country.


Key words: production managing technologies; working up and using of the firmware complexes for goods’ life cycle maintaining.

Porshakov A. S.   International Researching of Dependence between Current Supply and Inflation, Based on Some Theses of the Quantity Theory of Money

The results of a statistic research, which’s goal is to get an empiric confirmation for some theses of the quantity theory of money are presented in the article. The theory determines a proportional correlation between the speed of current supply growth, and a total growth of prices in the economy.


Key words: money; inflation; quantity theory of money.

Garkusha V. N.   Competences as an Element of Organization’s Strategic Management

Some steps strategic management development, and practice of their realization in Russia’s organizations are analyzed in the article. A basic element of strategic management, such as scanning of the environment, and method of its valuation, is also examined. An advisability of resort approach for enterprise’s activities, which approach helps to determine organization’s key and distinctive competences is shown. On the example of concrete organization are based some key competences and ways of their use for substantiating of organization’s strategy.


Key words: strategic management; strategic flexibility; teaching organization; scanning of the environment; SWOT analysis; resort approach of organization’s activities; competence; key and distinctive competences; VRIO model.

Tkalich G. I., Besfamilnaya E. V.   Franchising System as a Tool of Russian Economy’s Modernization

To implement a successful program of Russian economy’s modernization and development, the outsourcing of advanced technologies is an actual way. Franchising system is examined in the article as an acceptable financial management tool, which can be used for implementation of outsourcing strategy.


Key words: modernization; franchising; economics; outsourcing.

Pavlenko O. A.   Estimate Pricing for Nowadays Market Conditions

The author examines a stage of estimate pricing reform, which effects a free market of professional cost management services in building industry.


Key words: reform, professional pricing, administrative system, anti-corruption trend.

Sirotkin A. Y.   Modernization of the Economics: Innovative Enterprises’ and Venture Projects’ Role, and Instruments for Their Management

Some methodological ways of modernization projects’ realization for Russia’s economy are examined in the article. Some features of innovative enterprises’ and venture projects’ functioning in such conditions are examined too. Numerous organizational and economic instruments for managing such projects are presented.


Key words: innovations; economic modernization; development of the technologies; venture investment.

Vysotskaya A. A., Belyakova A. A.   More about Programming of Applied Tasks, which Come to the Task of Minimal Value Circulation

The way of program realization for the tasks, which come to the task of minimal value circulation, and can be solved using the blemish method. This method is based on streaming network description’s separating from the blemish algorithm itself.


Key words: task of minimal value circulation; blemish algorithm; interface of blemish algorithm’s tuning for an applied task; software of the interface.

Cherkesova E. Y., Skoblikov V. V.   Some Management Features of Investment Changing at Mining Industry Enterprises

A method of efficiency valuating for mining enterprises natural potential’s transformation into the investment potential is worked out. A complex indicator of the potentials transformation level is also presented.


Key words: natural potential; investment capital; revenue.

Lozovskaya T. A., Kalayda I. N.   Working Out an Innovative Development Strategies for Production Enterprises to Secure Their Economic Stability

Some problems of machine-building enterprises’ functioning in a period of economic crisis are considered in the article. It’s offered to use enterprises’ innovativeness and competitiveness as basic reserves to secure their economic stability, and stable work in future. A model of investment and innovative complex’s managing is also worked out.


Key words: innovative strategy of development; competitiveness; economic stability; enterprise’s innovative potential.

Trushkin E. V.   Organizational Culture as a Base of Effective Startup Project

The ways of enterprise’s competitiveness securing in the period of modernization measuring in its production systems are examined in the article. The appropriateness of continuum between cost and social ways of modernization results’ valuation is also proved.


Key words: organizational culture; types of organizational culture; project management; startup projects.

Tkacheva L. I.   System of Informational Resources and Flows’ Effectiveness Indexes in Russian Production Companies

A system of production company’s activities effectiveness indexes, based on informational flow’s upgrading is examined in the article.


Key words: information; managing personnel’s labor productivity; economic potential; effect; effectiveness; managing labor’s effectiveness.

Afonin A. S.   Cluster as Integrating Innovative Resource and Growth Pole of Regional Economy

Some ways of regional clusters’ creating and developing, which take in account differentiation of regions’ social and economic conditions, and differentiation of conditions inside the separately taken region are examined in the article. According to this, clusters are presented as playing a dual role – a role of innovative activities’ atomization resource, and of regional economy’s growth pole.


Key words: innovation activity; circulation and transfer of knowledge; regional clusters; differentiation of regions; agglomeration effects; infrastructure of small business’s development.

Feodisiadi E. A.   Crisis Management at the Enterprise as a Field of Nowadays Management: Some Features of Unitary Municipal Enterprises

Some features of economic subjects crisis managing on municipal level are examined in the article. It’s proved, that financial markets take part in a mechanism of unitary municipal enterprise’s bankruptcy as a regulator, and these markets’ role should become more important after negotiation of global crisis and finishing of market reforms in Russia.


Key words: crisis management; municipal enterprises; bankruptcy; economic stability.

Chulanov V. A., Gurba V. N.   Sociologic Analysis of Terrorism’s Essence and Social Forms

Lots of scientific papers are full of discussions about essence and a side of terrorism. A unified definition of this social phenomenon still does not exist, so it becomes a reason for some troubles with working out effective measures of counteraction to nowadays terror. In the article we try to present a sociologic analysis of various approaches, concepts and factors of understanding and maintenance of terrorists activities.


Key words: terrorism; crime; conflict; criminal activities; violence; extremism; religion; ethnos; the state.

Maksimovich D. S., Samygin S. I.   Official Authorities’ Weblogs as an Instrument of Symbolic Power Capital Realization and Creating of Mind’s Legitimating Structures

The reasons and capacities of using weblogs – a kind of nowadays mass media, as an instrument of symbolic power capital realization by the officials are analyzed in the article.


Key words: symbolic power capital; mass media; Internet; weblogs; official authorities; legitimacy of authorities.

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