Social and Economic Science
Number 3  2019 is published

Rudenko A. D.

System Dynamics of Production Complexs Financial Flows and Business Effectiveness Calculation Model

A scheme of system links between levels, which shape production complex’s (PC) financial flow, is presented in the article. Structural and dynamic parameters of processes inside PC are also determined. A diagram of links between selected processes and dynamics rate in PC system model is shown, a model of financial flows’ dynamics optimization is also presented.


Key words: production complex; model of system dynamics; rate; financial flow; optimization.


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Andrey Dmitrievich Rudenko – commercial manager of limited liability company «YugEnergoResurs». Author of numerous works, devoted to problems of firm’s cost valuation, production complex structure’s system presentation, modeling of company’s financial flows, business’ effectiveness criteria. Applicant of SRSTU (NPI) «Applied Mathematics» department, research supervisor – Ph.D, doctor of economics, professor S.V. Arzhenovskiy, research aide – competitor for doctor’s degree, Ph.D., candidate of economics P. I. Kanivets.


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