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Varnavsky V. G.   Machine-Building in Russia and Its Innovative Abilities

Abstract: The article is devoted to a current state of Russia’s machine-building. Analysis of the R&D costs in Russia’s industry and in the main foreign corporations is given. Attention is focused on the strengthening of Russia’s machine-building dependence from import of engineering tools, equipment and technology.


Key words: machine-building; R&D; Russia; innovations.

Kachalov R. M., Zavjalova E. A., Stavchikov A. I.

   Risk Management at the Enterprises with the Property of Workers

Abstract: The general principles of the risk management’s operational concept for the enterprises’ activity are resulted in the work. Features of risk management at the enterprises with the property of workers (the national enterprises) are also considered.


Key words: enterprises; risk management; operational concept.

Kovalev S. V.   Output Quality Management as a Way of Production and Investment Risks Level Decreasing for an Instrument-Making Enterprise

Some problems of an output quality management as of production risks control method for an instrument-making enterprise are considered in the article. Methods and mechanisms of designing, investment and financial risks managing at Russia’s mining and processing enterprises of Russia are also considered.


Key words: enterprise; output quality; business risks; investment; instrument-making.

Deliunova N. G.   Production Systems’ Fixed Assets Optimal Structure Forming, Based on their Informational Parameters

Some methodological ways of production systems’ fixed assets optimal structure forming, based on these funds’ informational parameters, are examined in the article. The method of production systems’ optimal parameters evaluation, based on valuation of their entropy, is also worked out.


Key words: production system; fixed assets; projection; optimizing.

Parkhomov V. A.   Plagiarism as a Threat for Economics of Innovations

Basing on specific examples and statistic data about «book piracy» and plagiarism in the Internet, author examines a problem of copy rights breaking. The arguments to prove that plagiarism is essentially a threat for Russia’s economics of innovations are also presented. The ways of abolishing for this negative phenomenon are offered.


Key words: intellectual property; innovations; plagiarism; threat for economics; responsibility.

Marakhovskaya I. Y.   Concept of Product’s Competitiveness Securing in Context of Its Value and Cost Managing on Such Stages, as Creation, Production, Sales and Consumption

The hypothesis and concept of product’s competitiveness securing on the important level is presented in the article. It includes a selection of customers, to identify product’s competitiveness attributes: product’s value and cost index, and managing of these attributes on each level of product’s life cycle.


Key words: hypothesis; securing concept; product’s competitiveness level; identification; competitiveness attributes; competitiveness managing; life cycle stages.

Rudenko A. D.   System Dynamics of Production Complex’s Financial Flows and Business’ Effectiveness Calculation Model

A scheme of system links between levels, which shape production complex’s (PC) financial flow, is presented in the article. Structural and dynamic parameters of processes inside PC are also determined. A diagram of links between selected processes and dynamics rate in PC system model is shown, a model of financial flows’ dynamics optimization is also presented.


Key words: production complex; model of system dynamics; rate; financial flow; optimization.

Novikova N. B.   Competitiveness Securing during Modernization Projects’ Compiling

The ways of enterprise’s competitiveness securing in the period of modernization measuring in its production systems are examined in the article. The appropriateness of continuum between cost and social ways of modernization results’ valuation is also proved.


Key words: competitiveness; modernization of the economics; cost valuation; human capital.

Zhiltsov E. V.   The Comparative Analysis of Equilibrium Conditions in Models of the Market Compromise

The comparative analysis of compromise equilibrium conditions in commodity markets’ system is presented in context of the economics’ compromise analysis.


Key words: reserve of economic forces; market compromise; compromise price.

Trusov G. N.   Economic Tools Developing, Based on Alternative Value Theories

Fundamental positions of alternative value theories are observed in the article. Some ways of economic tools’ further development, based on the presented theories are also suggested.


Key words: alternative value theories; economic tools; informational method; physical method.

Chulanov V. A., Knyazev I. V., Bondarenko V. I.   Modernization Paradigm for Transformation Processes Researching in Russia

Authors of the article come from situation, when problem of social transformation from theoretical project is transformed into real programs and political constructions. They also analyzed some different concepts, essence and borders of modernization processes.


Key words: modernization; paradigm; society; globalism; development; mechanisms and models of modernization; Russia; state.

Gurba V. N.   Economic and Financial Conditions of Terrorism’s Being

Complete studying of terrorists’ financing sources and channels is important for making their activities’ possibilities and scales minimal. How much resources they get to prepare an act of terrorism, and where from? For whom is the maintenance of terrorist groupings profitable? Who fills up the budget of «Hamas» and «Al Qaide»? Author tries to answer these questions in the article.


Key words: financial assets; Fatah; Hamas; Al Qaide; terror; incomings; budget; money sources; the Chechen Republic; Colombia; shadow economy; racket.

Kondratova N. V.   Retail Networks and Development of Nowadays Russia’s Social Capital

Some factors, which determine a level of nowadays Russian society’s social capital, and role of institutional confidence in its formation are analyzed in the article. Results of sociologic research, which shows an importance of retail networks activities in social capital’s increasing in nowadays Russia are also presented.


Key words: social capital; institutional confidence; retail networks.

Denisova I. V.   Teaching of Culturology as a Discipline, as a Way of Social Experience Reproducing: Methodological Aspects

Some basic ways of educational activities’ perfecting within the limits of higher education modernization conception are examined in the article. The methods of teaching culturology as a discipline are analyzed; methodological, logical and psychological basis of teaching culturology as of social experience’s reproduction way are also substantiated.


Key words: culturology; culture; humanization; reckoning unit; competence; modernization concept; methodological basis; logical basis; psychological basis; teaching methods; model.

Frolov F. P.   Social Context of Population’s Health: Social Angles of Working with the Disabled

Some angles of social work and rehabilitation of the disabled (including disabled children) are analyzed in the article. A social effect of rehabilitation measures, that use hyppotherapy and other original rehabilitation methods is also shown.


Key words: disability; disabled children; rehabilitation; socialization of the disabled.

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