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Popov E. V., Katz I. S.†† Institutional Evolution of Common Wealth Sector

The main phases of public goods’ sector evolution are presented in this article. The mechanisms of its self-development, which show evolution dynamics prognosis vector, are determined, and some modern institutional ways of its regulation are also marked out.


Key words: public goods; evolution; institutional regulation.

Kovalev S. V.†† Innovative Reproduction Processesí Modeling Methodology for Economic Systems, and their Developmentís Forecasting

The questions of radio-electronic means production’s technological processes parameters’ mathematical simulation are examined in the article on the basis of V. Leontyev’s interbranch balance model, the econometric model of national economy, models of interbranch interactions, production’s economic growth, production and economic cycles, mathematical methods of electronic means production’s technological and engineering parameters predicting, the verification of forecasts and checking their authenticity, and forecasted parameters of the radio-electronic means’ production.


Keywords: mathematical simulation; production process; product options.

Bobrikova I. G., Besfamilnaya E. V.†† Wastes Recycling Technologiesí Perfection as a Way of Increasing Productionís Economic Efficiency

Economic and ecological problems of the industrial enterprises always attract a great attention. One of such problems is increasing of enterprises’ activities economic efficiency. Perfection of technologies and technological processes can be a solution of the problem. As an example, the economically effective energy and resource saving less-wastes technology for regenerating and recycling of tin from a waste of tin-coated sheet, is presented in the article.


Key words: perfection; technology; wastes’ recycling; economic efficiency.

Draka O. E.†† Enterpriseís Economic Effectiveness Estimation for the Indeterminedness Conditions

The way of capital investments’ net present value estimation, using a fuzzy-set theory, is presented in this article. This way gives a possibility to appreciate a practicability of the investment project’s realization, and to choose the best variant of investment.


Key words: investment of capital, effectiveness, valuation, net present value.

Bosykh V. V.†† Competitivenessí Organizational and Economic Essence for the Enterprises, which Take Part in the Competition for State Orders Getting

Some competitiveness features of nowadays Russia’s enterprises, which fulfill state orders, and ones which take part in competitive auctions to get state orders, are examined in the article. The influence of competitive auctions’ effective carrying out onto national economy’s competitiveness is also shown.


Key words: enterprise; competitiveness; state order; competitive auction.

Silchenko T. Y.†† Economic Mechanism of Gas Supplying Systemsí Safeguarding in the Period of Projecting

Some features of gas supplying systems’ safe exploitation are examined in the article. The economic instruments, which can assert systems’ safe exploitation on the stage of design is also presented. It’s shown, that using of Bayes’ formula and actuarial method is advisable for gas supplying systems’ design.


Key words: gas supplying systems; exploitation safety; economic methods of projecting.

Chulanov V. A., Gurba V. N.†† Economic Reasons of Terrorism

Nowadays terrorism, determined by its politic features (achieving political goals, political motivation of ones, who organize and bring about an act of terrorism, etc) is analyzed in the article. At the same time, politics is examined as a way of values’ (including economic values) commanding distribution. The economic consequences of terrorism are also considered.


Key words: terrorism; economics; economic inequality; violence; competitiveness; poverty; wealth; resources; modernization.

Kolbacheva T. A., Donchenko E. V.†† MLM-business in Russia: Social and Economic Essence, and Tasks for its Researching

Some features of MLM-networks functioning in nowadays Russia are examined in this article. It’s proved, that researches of these networks activities’ social and economic features are of interest for theory, as well as for practice; they also can promote the increasing of MLM-business’s effectiveness, and help to solve some problems of Russia’s society in such a way. Some basic tasks for social and economic researching of MLM-networks are also stated.


Key words: MLM-networks; effectiveness; social functions; social groups; motivation.

Sturova I. S., Kanivets P. I.†† Unemployment as a Kind of Societyís ęBoundary SituationĽ for the Conditions of the Economic Crisis (Gender Aspect)

An unemployment problem is considered in the article as a boundary situation for nowadays Russia’s society. Some gender aspect of unemployment are also analyzed.


Key words: unemployment; «boundary situations»; economic crisis; poverty; feminization; gender aspect of an unemployment problem; professional conversion training.

Bandurina I. P.†† Methodological Problems of Network Ecological Organizationsí Work Managing, as of Social Control Agent for the Economics

The role of network ecological organizations in social control of economic activities for keeping natural environment safety and efficient using of natural resources is shown in the article. The way of network ecological organizations’ activities’ organizing is also presented.


Key words: ecology; network organizations; nature management; social control.

Kukoz F. I., Mamayev N. M., Kukoz V. F.†† Demands for the Education Subject in Technical Higher Educational Institution

The requirements for the performance criteria, standards evaluation and training quality for the students of technical higher educational institution are described; the ways and means of their achieving are also presented.


Key words: subject of education; quality; criteria; methods; higher education; activities; creation.

Knyazev I. V., Kaltyrina E. L.†† More on Account of Social Changesí Subjects

The accordance of concepts as «subject», «actor» and «agent» with conditions of their use for the analysis of social changes’ various contexts is presented in the article. Some characteristics of subjectivity, and vision of social transformations’ nowadays subjects in Russia are also given.


Key words: social subject; social actor; social agent; social transformations.

†† Session of Enterprisesí Management Democratization Section of Scientific Council of Enterprisesí Complex Development Problems under the RAS Social Studies Section (chronicle)

†† School-Seminar of S.S. Shatalin Name: Traditions and Outlooks (chronicle)

†† ęInternet in Planetís LifeĽ - Regular Edition of Reference and Tutorial Book (chronicle)

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