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Sukharev O. S.†† Theoretical and Practical Problems of Financial and Technical Economic Systemsí Evolution

The problem of structural displacements’ theoretical and practical explanation, as of financial and economic crisis in Russia is examined in this work from the standpoint of economy’s financial and technical systems interaction’s evolutional analysis. It’s proved that remarkable structural displacements didn’t take place in Russia’s economy in the period from 1996 to 2008, and it is a reason for an inoperative interaction between financial and technical systems. The difference between breakeven and risk level in these systems is a sign of such inoperativeness. It’s suggested to use the «interests’ portfolio» and «bad balance» principle for banking system’s incitement. The possibilities of economy’s social branch managing are shown, the evolution of Russia’s timber industry is presented as an example.


Key words: structural displacements; macroeconomic policy; evolution theory; financial and technical system; «interests’ portfolio»; production branches’ breakeven.

Zamshin V. I.†† Actual Problems of Competitivenessí Design Supply

General ways of scientific and methodical supply working out for design methods of competitiveness increasing are grounded in this article. The basic purposeful indicators, which characterize competitiveness’s level of design supply for production and innovative systems are also examined. General level of design development in Russia is analyzed from the standpoint of worldwide trends.


Key words: competitiveness; industry; innovations; design; R&D; purposeful indicators; balanced mechanisms.

Novik E. V.†† Problems of Lean Technologiesí Introduction into Russiaís Business Structures Practice

The experience of Lean production instruments’ introduction at the production plants, and the reasons of such introduction’s low effectiveness are analyzed in the article. The importance of microelemental norm-fixing using (as an instrument of Lean production) is also shown by the example of a specified enterprise.


Key words: Lean production; Lean production instruments; regulation methods; standard time; rate of output; rate discharging index; labor intensiveness rates’ tensity; microelemental norm-fixing.

Afonin A. S.†† Nowadays Intellectual Capital: Role of Knowledge

The role of intellectual capital in the period of high-tech stocks’ boom is examined in the article. On the ground of this research, it is determined that the company’s capitalization on a stock market, when it is incommensurable to company’s economic results, and explained as the existence of intellectual capital, can make this capital a kind of «hostage» for ones, who has only personal enrichment as a goal. Special attention is payed to describing of some aspects of how Russian enterprises use the intellectual capital, and how Russia’s nanoeconomic features can effect upon these processes.


Key words: stock market; companies’ capitalization; information technologies; «new economics»; non-material assets; intelligent capital; human capital; nanoeconomic features; «production memory»; knowledge management; non-formalized knowledge; formalized knowledge; competitive advantages.

Danish A. G.†† Objectives for Russiaís Production Systems Preparation before Entering WTO

The possibilities for Russia’s economics in case of entering WTO, and possible negative consequences of it’s borders opening in the period of world financial crisis are examined in this article. So the important measures to prepare Russia’s production systems for this entering are shown. The conception of the enterprise’s competitiveness, which is tightly bound to its development’s stability, is also examined. The possibilities of economic development, which were lost because of national economy’s technical and technological level’s deficient preparation in the moment of crisis existing are analyzed.


Key words: competitiveness; system approach; functioning stability; quality management.

Moskayev S. A., Gavrilov A. V.†† Using of Evolutional Economics Methods for Enterpriseís Competitiveness Managing

The features of evolution economic methods’ use for production plants’ competitiveness managing systems creating are examined in this article. Authors also worked out and describe a methodical complex, which use cost and evolution approach for competitiveness’ securing.


Key words: evolution economics; cost-based management; competitiveness; enterprise.

Shishkin D. V.†† Marketing Aspects of Small Innovative Businessesí Venture Investment

The primary goals of innovative product's promotion to the market are examined in the article. The reasons, by which the innovative enterprises do not use marketing principles in management efficiently for successful development of their work are shown. The ways of the discovered problems’ solving are also offered.


Key words: small innovative business; venture investment; marketing; innovative product.

Kritina E. D.†† Organizational and Economic Advantagesí and Shortcomingsí Analysis for Basic Ways of Apartment Buildingsí Managing

The article’s object is to recognize the organizational and economic advantages and shortcomings of apartment buildings managing basic ways. The building can be managed by managing organization, dwelling owners association or be directly managed by apartment owners.


Key words: apartment building; dwelling owners association; managing organization; direct managing by apartment owners.

Musaev L. A.†† Motor Transport as a Starting Branch for Machine-Building and Metal-Working Production Complexís Development

The ways of new production complexes forming on crisis territories are examined in the article. The approach of machine-building and metal-working production complex’s (cluster’s) creation in Chechenskaya republic is considered as an example. It’s shown, that creation of such cluster, based on the existing motor transport complex, is the most advisible.


Key words: production complex; cluster; network organization; business network; motor transport; machine-building and metal-working.

Afanasyeva A. V.†† Organizational and Technical Decisionsí Substantiation for Constructional Engineering Production Systems

The methods of technological development plans compiling for building organizations, which plans are task-oriented to keep organizations’ competitiveness and stable functioning, are examined in the article. The way of building organization’s competitiveness level and functioning stability monitoring and valuation is also presented.


Key words: construction engineering; building organization; economic stability; competitiveness.

—hulanov V. A., Kipshidze V. N.†† The Conceptual Reasons for Social Stratificationís Analysis

Various sociological theories of a public inequality: K. Marks’s theory of class analysis; M. Veber’s multivariate social stratification; modern researches of Russian society’s social structure are analyzed in the article. Criteria and indicators of social mobility are also considered.


Key words: social stratification, classes, structure, social mobility, inequality, status groups.

Kukoz F. I., Mamayev N. M., Kukoz V. F.†† Objectives Tree for Educational Process in Technical Institute of Higher Education

Higher education conditions and level of each discipline’s aims perfection in the hierarchical system are analyzed in this article. It’s shown, that optimally designed and universal system of all disciplines’ aims for each specialty does not exist. The reasonable roles of «teacher» and «student» are substantiated, and the importance of «teachers» complex’s functioning algorithm perfection is also shown.


Key words: institute of higher education; education methods, forms and aims; rationalization of the educational process; teacher; student.

Knyazev A. A., Samurgashev V. V.†† Nowadays Sporting Activities, Examined in Respect to Economic Sociology

The features of nowadays sport activities, which needs a continuum between social role of physical culture and sports, and indention of sporting activities’ commercialization and professionalization are examined in this article. It’s proved that researching of sporting organizations activities’ social aspects is expedient when the methodology and instruments of economic sociology are being used.


Key words: physical culture and sports; professional sports; economics of sport; sporting organizations.

Chzhang L.†† Russiaís Interests in Chinese Businessís Development: Social and Economic Aspects

Some problems of Chinese business’s development in Russia are examined in this article in respect to social and economic interests of Russia’s society. It’s shown, that the most perspective for development kind of Chinese business, is the one, which is related to exclusive Chinese crafts’ mastering and using of Chinese experience in production.


Key words: Chinese business; Chinese crafts; economic expansion of China; Chinese people in Russia.

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