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Lukichov P. N.†† Sociodynamics: Migrations and Ethno-Demographic Tension

The demographic process’s parameters are examined in the article as for the process, which secures the social structure’s reproduction. The constants, which are in line with the procedure of its stable and extended reproduction, are also discovered. The possibility of inhabitants’ natural movement characteristics use as the society’s state index is shown. The method of maximum permissible migration level’s calculation is worked out (the excess of the level can be cause of the humanitarian catastrophe).


Key words: system; flow of events; social stability's constant; demographic pressure; relative generation's life span; migration level ultimate rate.

Pereyaslova O. G.†† Russiaís Integrated Business Groupsí Economic Development, and Its Social Patterns (Research Tasks and Methodology)

The consolidation processes’ features of nowadays Russia are examined in this work. Social features of business groups’ creation and development in different fields of economy, including industrial production, are also analyzed. Author tries to formulate the investigation tasks for the ones, which examine the social aspects of consolidation in Russia’s national economy, and also tries to show the way of these tasks’ settling. The method of the organization culture’s researching is worked out (for the enterprises, which belong to any business groups).


Key words: consolidation processes; business groups; social aspects; social groups; motivation; social and labor mobility; organization culture.

Kleeva L. P.†† Increasing of Economicsí Innovativeness in Aspect of Education

The innovation processes’ educational aspects for economic systems are examined in this work. The education system and demands, which are being claimed to this system in the conditions of globalization and informational economy, are analyzed with special emphasis. It’s also shown that during the analysis of knowledge economy’s features, the most important look not the ones, which are used to be taken up as basic.


Key words: knowledge economy; innovations; educational systems.

Kuzminov A. N.†† Relativistic Model of Cenosisesí Sociodynamics

The possibility cenological models of dynamics of large-scale systems with properties cenoses on the basis of use extreme functions of parameters Sociodynamics is considered described in the article. Considering fundamental properties of self-organizing of the systems, connected with the limited number of key parameters of an order, it is obviously possible to use at modeling a complex of formalizable material variable, extensive and intensive personal variables, parameters of trends and managements.


Key words: economic cenosis; model structure’s dynamics forecasting; evolution structure’s variable models; cenosis sociodynamics.

Belyaev S. G.†† Organizational and Economic Instruments for Project Management: Nowadays Conditions and Development Goals

The nowadays conditions of project management organization and economic instruments are analyzed in this article. It’s decided, that ubiquitous EPCM methods use for large building and other projects (including equipment purchasing, erecting works and commissioning) organizing and managing is advisable. Advisability of EPCM methods is also shown for modernization and anti-crisis projects, supported by government.


Key words: project management; methods; EPCM contracts.

Egiyan K. A.†† Some Features of Enterpriseís Production Complex as of the Special Economic System

The sense of some terms, such as «enterprise» and «system» is specified by author. The features of an enterprise (as an example of a system), and also of production systems in general are examined. A number of economic systems’ types, which are functionally similar to production systems are also presented in this article.


Key words: enterprise; production system; production and sales system.

Gorbunova A. Y.†† Organizational and Economic Aspects of Natural Gas Expenditure Accounting Systemsí Projecting, Manufacturing and Use

The features of natural gas expenditure accounting systems’ projecting, manufacturing and use in nowadays Russia are examined in this work. It’s shown, that the effectiveness of flowmeters’ production and use can be increased with the help of CALS technologies for output life cycle support: the processes of engineering, manufacturing, after-sales service and wares’ exploitation, based on standardized methods of data presentation on each stage of the product’s life cycle.


Key words: effectiveness; energy savings; natural gas; CALS technologies.

Choutchenko S. G.†† Economic Aspects of Energy Saving in Nowadays Russia and Building Branch of Industry

The tasks of Russia’s nowadays building branch, such as energy saving in construction process and during the building exploiting, are analyzed in this work. The way of projects’ valuation, based on their technological mode (which depends on evolution and energetic parameters) is also presented.


Key words: construction; energy saving; effectiveness; business value; evolution parameters.

Gavrilov A. V.†† Competitiveness Managing: Some Methodological Aspects

Some modern ways of production enterprise’s competitiveness securing are examined in this work. It’s shown, that any decisions in competitiveness managing should be based on decisions, which can secure the enterprise’s stable functioning, such as reliable information streams.


Key words: competitiveness; economic stability; production enterprise; informational and economic methods.

Silchenko T. Y.†† Economic Indexesí Determination Accuracy for the Production System

The features of economic parameters’ calculation accuracy assessment in production systems are examined in this work. The appropriateness of optimal accuracy level determination for resources charge measuring devices is also proved.


Key words: economic parameters; production systems; resources charge; accuracy.

Nefyodov R. V.†† Stability Securing and Assurance Protection for Modernization Projects at the Production Enterprises

The role of risk management in production modernization projects for nowadays Russia’s enterprises and business-groups is shown in this work. The method of assurance and autoassurance way choosing, based on Houston’s model is also presented. The way of training for economists and managers, which are specialized on economic risks’ managing in modernizing production systems is also worked out.


Key words: risk management; modernization; innovations; assurance.

Shoubina O. V.†† Informational Systems of the Production Enterprise: Problems with Effectiveness

The features of modern production enterprise’s information systems working are examined in this work. It’s proved that such systems’ functioning can be presented as an aggregate of business supporting informational measures, which are held by the enterprise. The decisions of complex business processes’ support system creating for the enterprise and for the business-group are also presented.


Key words: business-process; informational system; production enterprise.

Kizoglo A. V.†† Looking for the Effectiveness Indicators of Educational Systemís Reform

Various educational social institute’s modern problems have their origin in the transit from the industrial stage of social development to the informational one. The both stages are functioning on the market-directed economy basis with demands to the education that are not only congruous, but adverse to the education essence. The great attention should be paid to the elaboration of the measuring and assessment mechanisms of a separate higher educational institutions functioning, or the system of higher education as a whole. The integrated system of macro- and institutional indicators can serve as a basis both for developing of policy in the educational sphere and for analysis of the processes changing the education today as a social institute.


Key words: market economy; informational society; performance; educational social institution; education system’s reforming.

Smykov I. S.†† Nowadays Consumerís Behavior

Structure, functions, social characteristics of consumption, the «Social» portrait of modern consumer, models of his behavior, the process of decision-making before service consumption, stages and factors of consumers’ behavior are examined in this work.


Key words: consumption; consumer, consumer’s behavior strategy; services; wares; purchasing; culture; customer; goods.

Choumakov S. V.†† Communal Infrastructureís Development as the Index of Social Progress

The communal infrastructure’s role in social progress is examined in this work. Retrospective analysis of urbanization processes, roles and importance of communal system in the modern image and quality of human’s life forming are also presented.


Key words: public service; city; countryside; habitation; urbanization; mode of life; water supply; life quality.

†† Famous Economist and Power Engineering Specialist (for V. I. Sveshnikovís 70th Jubilee) (chronicle)

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