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Kolbachev E. B., Pakhomova A. A. The Development of Digital Education in the Russian Federation: Risks and Threats

The article presents the author’s point of view on the development of the education system of the Russian Federation. The need of the digital economy in the system of human capital development is determined. The interrelation of goal-setting in the mechanism of formation of strategy of development of digital education of the Russian Federation as an element of design of system of strategic management of digital education of the Russian Federation is proved.


Key words: education; digital education; strategy; management; project.

Borovaya L. V. The International Experience of Insurance of Risks Related to the Conduct of Research and Development, and the Ways of Its Development in the Innovation System of the Russian Higher School

The article describes the problems of organization and development of innovative system of higher education associated with high risks for customer organizations. The article considers the world experience of insurance of the results of research and development works. The activities are formulated, the implementation of which is advisable in Russia for the formation of a system of insurance risks associated with the research and development work in higher education.


Key words: high school; research; risks; insurance; international experience.

Bulatova N. N. The Essence and Role of Transport Infrastructure in the Socio-Economic Development of the Region

The article discusses the nature and role of transport infrastructure in the socio-economic development of the region. An algorithm for studying the scientific category under study in terms of determining the basic elements, features, characteristics, channels and models of transport communication is proposed. The quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the transport infrastructure are determined, the importance of which is related to the fact that with any change they can change the availability of transport services for businesses and the level of population mobility. The comparative characteristics of the different transport links (modes of transport) are presented.


Key words: transport infrastructure; socio-economic development of the region; transport channels; types of transport.

Vodolazsky A. A. Operational Problems in Labor Productivity Management (part 2)

The article presents a method of operational measurement of labor productivity and stimulation of its growth. To substantiate the methodology, the following tasks were solved: historically and socially-technologically justified that the basic form of the product to measure productivity can only be the final product; developed methods for measuring the value of the final product and formalized methods for measuring productivity; derived formulas to justify theoretically objective growth rates (decline) of wages as productivity changes and formulated three rules on the objective ratio of growth rates of labor productivity and wages. The practical reliability of the method is illustrated by the materials of the Russian industry for 1998–2017.


Key words: production, gross, net, ultimate; productivity; output; wages; the effect of preserving and increasing cost.

Skorobogatova T. N. About Value of Categories System and Network in Socially Oriented Economy

The application of network approach in modern economic conditions is proved. The comparison of associations presented in the form of a system and a network is carried out. Differences between social systems and social networks are shown.


Key words: socially oriented economy; system; network.

Kolobov A. V. The Approach to Defining Ambitious Goals of the Company on the Basis of the Analysis of the Capacity of Units to Ensure Competitiveness

The article describes an approach to the dynamic definition of achievable ambitious goals of the company on the horizon from two to five years and their decomposition into divisions, which allow to provide a market advantage relative to competitors. To solve this problem, a description is given of the mechanism for analyzing the main factors of improving the competitiveness of an enterprise based on the model of the five competitive forces of Michael Porter. A new approach to quantifying goals that are ambitious and encouraging staff to achieve meaningful results is proposed. An approach is described to decompose these goals into divisions of a company based on an assessment of theoretical potential. On the basis of the proposed methodology, an example of setting ambitious cost reduction goals for divisions of a metallurgical enterprise is shown.


Key words: business system; dynamic goal setting; basic goal; ambitious goal; factors of competitiveness; model of five competitive forces of Michael Porter; parameters of competitive power.

Dolmatova L. G., Petrova I. A. Analysis of the Economic Risks of Agricultural Enterprises and Their Impact on Economically Sustainable Development

The article discusses groups of economic risks to which agricultural enterprises are exposed in market conditions and suggested ways and options for reducing economic risk as the most common for economic entities.


Key words: economy; efficiency; market conditions; economic risk; agricultural enterprise; rational use; land resources.

Ovchinnikova N. G., Alieva N. V. The Mechanism of Zoning in the Practice of Foreign Countries

The article deals with the mechanism of territorial zoning in the practice of foreign countries, which has specific features, which are due to historical reasons, different ways of formation of land ownership and related relations, other views of domestic and foreign scientists.


Key words: territorial zoning; legal regime of lands; land use; development of territory; formation of land ownership.

Dovlatova G. P., Tkacheva O. A., Vasilyuk N. I., Agafonov A. S., Evdokimov P. A. Development of Tools for Effective Management at Middle and Entry Levels in the Framework of Increasing the Competitiveness of the National Economy

The article presents the importance of assessing the competitiveness of enterprises in the Russian Federation, which is determined by the needs of the real sector of the national economics. The basic concept «competitiveness of the enterprise» is analyzed and the interrelation and interdependence of economic category with stability of the enterprise and strategic development on the basis of comparative analysis is revealed, the tools for effective personnel management on the basis of studying of foreign experience are developed by authors. At present, investments in the road sector are growing in the world practice, but at the same time, investors have become more cautious and demanding in their expectations of investment proposals. The purpose of this study was to identify the main trends in the development of competitiveness, sustainability and strategic development of enterprises of the Russian Federation, allowing to assess the potential of the studied branch and its internal environment (staff). The presented results of the author’s research will allow to formulate the «points of decline» and to determine the trends in the development of this industry, including the regions of the Russian Federation. The article will be useful for business owners, civil servants, educational organizations that prepare students and undergraduates in enterprise Economics (by industry) and personnel management.


Key words: competitiveness; stability; strategic development; staff.

Dolmatov N. P., Taran S. S. Influence of Criteria of the Pipeline Cleaning Process on the Technical and Economic Indicators of the Drain Washing Device

The purpose of this article is to determine the effect of pipeline cleaning criteria on the technical and economic indicators of the device. To determine these criteria, experimental studies were conducted with a prototype. The task of the experiments was to compare the criteria of theoretical and experimental values obtained.


Key words: experiment; pipeline; dependence of criteria; eroding force; filers; tilt angles; draining device; flow rate; pressure; feed rate.

Aleksandrovskaya L. A. Ecology-Oriented Transformation of Systems of Agricultural Use of Natural Resources and Especially Its Manifestations in the Field of Land Reclamation

The article actualizes the need to develop a wide range of forms, methods and tools of ecological processes of agricultural environmental management. The questions of the organization of the use of land resources in the framework of agro-reclamation systems, which is an objectively complex process, which is one of the main directions of creating systems of high-quality agricultural production and improving the efficiency of land and property relations.


Key words: land fund; agricultural nature management; agroecosystems; natural ecosystems; agromeliorative system; synergetic effect; territories.

Dolmatova L. G. System of State Support of Agricultural Enterprises in the Market Conditions

The article considers the system of state support for agricultural enterprises in market conditions and analyzes the current situation in the production sphere of their activities.


Key words: economic mechanism; market conditions; system; government regulation; agricultural enterprises; management; efficiency.

Goloshchapova L. V., Zatsarinnaya E. I., Dovlatova G. P. The Use of Monitoring and Evaluation of Risks in the Internal Control System as an Element of Increasing the Competitiveness of Enterprises

The specific of the automotive industry makes it necessary to create a financial management mechanism in the automotive industry with a focus on the internal audit system. It is necessary to understand the possible ways to improve the efficiency and performance of the functional responsibilities of internal audit services to achieve the effectiveness of business processes, as well as to timely identify risks in the organization.


Key words: internal audit; the automotive industry; risk assessment. 

Koshevets E. U. Management of the Centers of Innovation, Social and Technological Development in Russian Universities: Famous Approaches and Ways of Their Improvement

The work examines the mechanisms for managing the innovative development of universities. The functions of universities in innovation processes are considered. The significance of the social and economic development directions for an innovative university is indicated. The perspective direction of management of innovation, social and technological development centers based on the triple helix model has been studied.


Key words: innovative university; business incubators and science and technology parks; triple helix model; entrepreneurial university; technology transfer.

ishchenko I. A., Bagadzhiyan Y. G., Ponomarev P. A. Gender Stereotypes of Modern Russian Society

The article presents the main results of the analysis of gender stereotypes of modern Russian society in the context of studying its gender space. Significant non-uniform transformations of traditional gender constructs in the conditions of a reforming society, as well as the stability of a number of traditional gender representations, caused by the (stability) effect of social inertia, are revealed.


Key words: gender; gender stereotypes; gender space of society; eclectic stereotype; transformation of traditional gender constructs; social inertia.

Yue Xue, Guan Shaoyang Functions of Conceptual Metaphor in Political Discourse

The article deals with the functions of conceptual metaphor in the framework of political discourse. The process of increasing the metaphoricity of modern political discourse is indicated, which determines the formation of new technologies of political influence. It is concluded that the conceptual metaphor through the implementation of ideological, cognitive and activitymotivational functions is a key element in the mechanism that provides a manipulative impact of political discourse.


Key words: conceptual metaphor; political discourse; technologies of political influence. 

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