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Kleeva L. P. Russian Education Development Tendencies

The author analyses the tendencies of the development of Russian education system’s segments: primary, secondary, primary professional, secondary professional, higher education. Conclusions about Russian education development problems are made.


Key words: education system; primary education; secondary education; primary professional education; secondary professional education; higher education.

Sychev V. A., Sycheva G. I. The Effectiveness of the Organization Industrial Production by Controlling the Value of the Business

The paper deals with methodological issues of assessing the value of an industrial enterprise as a criterion for the effectiveness of the organization of strategic management of the enterprise, as well as the proposed expansion of the control system dynamics of changes in the value of the enterprise through the analysis of changes in its financial condition based on the assessment of cash ratios.


Key words: cost estimation; industrial enterprise; the income approach; the cash flow model; the procedure of discounting; the estimated model of de-gentle factors.

Slavyanov A. S. Features of Realization of Initial Stages of Innovative Projects

The cost effectiveness of the project is largely dependent on the results of research and development (R&D). The probability of obtaining a positive R&D result at the initial stages of the project is low and in case of failure developers have to work out other options, which will require additional time and resources. The increase in the duration of research may lead to the fact that at the time of release, the products can already become morally obsolete and can not find their customers. A model for conducting scientific research and development (R&D) is developed that takes into account the moral aging of the technical object and the probability of repeated repetition of the work necessary to obtain a positive result.


Key words: research and development; moral aging; economic protection; innovative projects; innovative risks.

Yatzenko V. V. Competence Profile of the Team of Innovative Projects in the Concept of Controlling

Features of innovative projects are considered; an analysis of traditional approaches to the formation of the competency profile of the team of innovative projects is carried out; the rationale for the development of partnership and coordination and integration competencies within the framework of the concept of controlling is given.


Key words: innovative project; competence; partner competence; coordination and integration competence; controller; controlling.

Goridko N. P., Grabova A. Y. Regression Modeling of GRP Distribution in the Moscow Region

Based on the official statistics, the article performed a regression analysis of the average and marginal propensities to consumption and savings in the Moscow region. As a result, possible causes of disequilibrium in the region’s economic system and the main problems associated with a lack of investment resources have been identified.


Key words: Moscow region; gross disposable income; average propensities to consumption and saving; marginal propensities to consumption and saving; investments.

Tikhonov G. V., Tikhonov A. I. Mathematical Modeling in the System of Innovative Entrepreneurship

The article deals with the prospects of development of small business in innovation based on the principles of building a mathematical model. A significant place in the work is given to the possible elements of mathematical modeling providing for the optimal allocation of budget funds between small enterprises specializing in innovation by dynamic programming. The article also considers tax benefits for small businesses as one of the types of financial assistance.


Key words: mathematical model; dynamic programming; tax incentives; optimization; budget funds; innovations; business.

Borovaya L. V. The Boundaries of the Socio-Economic System of the Technical University and Their Extensions

The article studies features of technical University as a multi-agent socio-economic system. It is proved that the boundaries of the socio-economic system in technical University is determined by the distance at which broadcast new knowledge generated in its production systems. It is established that the internationalization of higher vocational education is a means of enhancing the socio-economic system.


Key words: technical University; production system; economic boundaries; multiagent system; the meso level; internationalization of education.

Savenko V. G. Modelling Activities and Management of the Institute-Branch: Fractal Approach

In the article the fractal approach to the creation of organizational and economic tools for managing a branch of the Polytechnic University is considered. The expediency of its application in assessing the strength of the organizational relationships of the branch with the head University is proved.


Key words: education; management; University; branch; fractal; technocenos.

Komov N. V., Aleksandrovskaya L. A. Effective Use of Reclaimed Land on the Basis of Environmental Agro-industrial Use

The article analyzes the quantitative and qualitative conditions of the reclaimed lands of the Southern Federal District and presents the dynamics of their change. The paper also defines the agromeliorative system and suggests a set of measures aimed at increasing the rationality and efficiency of the processes of formation and functioning of agromeliorative systems in the context of the ecologization of land management and agromeliorative activities.


Key words: agromeliorative system; melioration; the reclaimed lands; agromeliorative land use; greening; agromeliorative agriculture.

Markelov K. A. Energy Potential of the Modern World Economy

One of the most important socio-economic indicators of the development of society in the current geopolitical situation is the availability of various kinds of energy sources from the state. In this article, based on the analysis of fundamental geological studies, the potential of hydrocarbon resources is considered. The position of consumption of energy resources as an important indicator of people’s living standards is considered.


Key words: energy carrier; non-renewable and renewable energy sources; hydrocarbons; oil equivalent; hydropower; import; export.

Cheshev A. S., Tikhonova K. V., Ksenz V. Y. Optimization of the Process of Entering Information into the Unified State Register of Real Estate on the Basis of the Results of Complex Cadastral Works

According to statistics to date, almost half of the land plots, the information about which is contained in Unified State Register of Real Estate, do not have an exact description of the boundaries, or the boundaries are established erroneously. The current situation is caused by the fact that for quite a long time the state allowed registration of rights to land plots without carrying out work to describe the location of their borders. To solve this problem, an effective mechanism has been developed that makes it possible to ensure the preparation and introduction of information on the results of complex cadastral work. These works will simultaneously identify and eliminate defects in Unified State Register of Real Estate and other related information systems, which will significantly improve the quality of information on real estate objects and its importance in managing the land and property complex, including increasing the effectiveness of the system of land supervision in the use and protection of land resources.


Key words: complex cadastral works; land-surveying project; territorial map (plan); conciliation commission; location coordination of land plots; territorial planning.

Oborin M. S. Innovative Development of Industry in Modern Conditions

The article is devoted to the study of innovation as a key factor in the development of industry. On the basis of statistics of Perm region the potential of economic activity, dynamics of production is considered. Innovations in activity of the industrial enterprises, prospects of interaction with the companies making intellectual services are characterized.


Key words: industry; innovations; intellectual services; industrial clusters; types of innovations.

Nikolaeva L. S., Zagorskaya O. V., Kuzmicheva L. N. Features of Modern Youth Subculture

The article analyzes the main features of modern youth culture. Key attention is paid to the «culture of protest», «the counterculture». The analysis of the specific culture of young, youth subculture is carried out.


Key words: «culture of protest»; counter-culture; subculture; official culture; youth; postmodern; youth culture.

Logacheva E. A., Logacheva J. S., Pyatitskaya A. V. Social Support for Youth: Conceptual and Theoretical Approaches

The article reveals the relevance of the topic and contains analysis, definition of conceptual and theoretical approaches to the consideration of social support of youth. The new approach to social support of youth as the leading vector of further steps in studying of the state social policy of youth is revealed.


Key words: youth; social support for youth; socialization; state youth policy; social development.

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