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Falko S. G., Chugunov V. S. Controlling: Representation and Using the Knowledge in Organization Administering

The model and the theory for organization administration in an aggressive environment are to be considered. In order to describe organizations as objects of research it is offered to use basic tasks of artificial intelligence — similarity, classifying, zoning. Importance of content related and formal representation of the organization model, applying the theory and setting of objectives are pointed out.


Key words: organization theory; formal model; setting of objectives; similarity; classifying.

Gnezdova Y. V. Application of the System of Resource-Saving Technologies in the Institutions of Budgetary Sphere

In the article the aspects of overcoming a situation with inefficient use of energy, including in the public sector, are disclosed. Technologies of formation of conditions of effective use of energy resources are offered. Increase in efficiency of use of energy resources in the budgetary sector of economy of Russia is accompanied by overcoming a number of difficulties. It is possible to carry to them a lack of motivation and knowledge, wear and climatic adverse arrangement of buildings, low investment appeal of projects of the budgetary sphere, a lack of experience of implementation of projects, a lack of the organization and coordination.


Key words: budgetary sector; energy saving technologies; energy efficiency.

Tsisarskiy A. D. Forecasting of Costs in the Production of Missile and Space Technology

The article describes international experience of definition of complexity and cost developments in aerospace industry of the USA on the example of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) — an Agency defense advanced research projects and NASA — National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the USA. Results of systematization of methods and models of cost estimation in project management for the development of rocket and space technology are given in the article.


Key words: aerospace industry; rocket and space industry; complexity; forecasting of costs; method; model; DARPA; NASA.

Ponomareva N. A., Nikitenko A. V., Otverchenko L. F. Key Performance Indicators Energy Company

The relevance of the assessment of the efficiency of energy companies is justified in the article. The principles of forming indicators for assessing the performance of energy companies are discussed. KPIs developed in JSC RAO «UES of Russia» are given. KPIs approved by OGK-2 are presented. The results of a comprehensive assessment of the activities of the energy company are proposed for application. Effective generating companies were identified in 2015. Appropriate conclusions were drawn.


Key words: energy companies; efficiency; effectiveness; key and estimated indicators; integrated assessment.

Khalfin R. M. Organization of Control for Some of the Control Tasks to the Functioning and Development of the Company

In the article the peculiarities of organization of control in solving problems related to procurement and technological development of industrial companies are considered. With this as the most important control objectives reduction in the cost of purchased resources and minimise the likelihood of opportunistic behavior on the basis of prevention of conflict of interests was considered. The approach to cross-validation estimates and the allocation of resources between divisions of the company have been proposed.


Key words: company; control; estimates; conflict of interest; opportunistic behavior; assessment of contracts.

Petrov A. V. The Essence of Natural-Economic Systems and Characteristics of Their Formation within the Gas Industry

In recent years considerable development was gained by gas industry of our country as there were basic changes in the field of opening of powerful gas fields. In article a number of the nature economic aspects providing increase in efficiency of gas industry in general are considered.


Key words: nature; economic activity; aspects; gas industry; development; infrastructure; resources.

Perederiy M. V., Tkalich G. I. The Creation of Integrated Infrastructure Cluster Engineering: the Use of Franchising

The features of creation of machine-building cluster on the basis of the common innovation infrastructure and the organisation of engineering activities within it were considered. It was proved that in these circumstances the franchise interactions are effective. The directions of individual elements of infrastructure that uses franchising was proposed.


Key words: engineering; innovation infrastructure; engineering; franchising; production system.

Pakhomova A. A., Alhanaqtah V. Socio-Economic Development of Rural Territories in Russia and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Analysis of contemporary problems was conducted and directions of development of the rural labour force were justified, special attention was paid to women’s labor resources. The directions of state and municipal support women’s employment in small business were reviewed, the method of calculation of efficiency measures to ensure small businesses in rural areas was proposed. A SWOT-analysis for the agricultural sector of Jordan and analyzes the status of employment in rural areas were conducted. Studies have shown that Russia and Jordan have common problems of socio-economic development of rural areas. Practical recommendations for improving the management of human resources and employment in agriculture which are applicable in the Russian Federation and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan are offered.


Key words: human resources; regional labour market; municipal support; innovations; rural areas; Rostov region; agriculture; Jordan; SWOT-analysis.

Timofeeva Y. G. The Ratio of Working Capital, Profitability and Liquidity as the Criterion for the Production Enterprise Management Quality Assessment

The method of management quality assessment based on the review of the ratio of working capital, profitability and liquidity and elements of the value chain of its products is considered.


Key words: quality management; quality management assessment; indicators; profitability; liquidity; working capital; enterprise.

Savenko V. G. Control the Generation of New Knowledge as a Basis Strategic Management of Polytechnic University

In the article the peculiarities of strategic management at the Polytechnic University in modern conditions are considered. It is proved that under these conditions the basis of strategic management should be the system of generating new knowledge and its subsequent implementation in the educational process and commercialization. The tasks of creating such a system are formulated.


Key words: knowledge management; University; strategy; innovation; commercialization.

Razumovskaya I. V. Tools for Evaluation of Ecological Aspects of Activity of the Enterprises of PJSC Gazprom and the Ways of Its Enhancement

Production and transportation of hydrocarbons has to be based on observance of ecological requirements and on creating favorable conditions for formation of the qualitative surrounding environment. In article the analysis of creation of the tools providing observance of ecological requirements in gas branch is given.


Key words: tools; structure; ecology; gas industry; resource potential; development; mechanism; infrastructure.

Alieva N. V., Ovchinnikova N. G. Functions of Land Administration in the Decision of Questions of Development of Territories of the Russian Federation Subject

Under current law land can be in various kinds of forms of ownership: private, state, municipal, etc. On the rights of private ownership of land can belong to citizens and legal entities. In state ownership are the lands not passed to the ownership of citizens, legal entities and municipalities. State property includes land owned by the Federation and the land owned by the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The lands belonging to urban and rural settlements and other municipal entities on the principle of ownership, constitute municipal property.


Key words: land; land Fund; land resources; land management; territorial basis; natural resources.

Basnukaev M. S. Incomes of Municipal Budgets: the Sources of Formation and the Possibility of Regulation

The article discusses the formation of municipal budget revenues, the possibility of expanding the source of income, and gives an assessment of the principles, methods and methods for regulating the most urgent tasks.


Key words: budget; municipal budget; income; revenue sources; income and expenditure regulation; tax base; revenue potential.

Kalinina O. N. Analysis of the Reform of the System of Pricing and Budget Normalization

The concept of reforming the system of pricing and budget rationing «400 days» has been reviewed. The main ideas of the reform are analyzed. Significant disadvantages of the resource calculation method when forming estimates revealed.


Key words: the estimated ratios; pricing; resource calculation method; entropy; modernization; innovation.

Dashevskaya I. . Problems of Innovation Activity Development at Russian Industrial Enterprises

The article deals with the problem of the gap between investment in innovation and commercialization of innovation. Highlights the main causes of the current economic situation in which innovative activity at the Russian enterprises are not active enough. Approaches to creation of engineering and economic tools for the management of innovative activity at industrial enterprises have been proposed.


Key words: innovations; investment; innovative activities; commercialization of innovations; innovation of the production system.

Maksutova E. R. Management of Technological Efficiency of the Production System: the Choice of Economic Instruments

The article considers approaches to formation of organizational-economic tools for shaping the technological decisions for creation of new or modernization of existing production systems. It is proposed to use for this system the concept of Kornai-Kleiner the theory of most efficient technologies.


Key words: production system; modernization; technology; efficiency; method of Farrell.

Taleb M. A. Modernization of Energy Systems and Create Energy Saving Systems in Lebanon: a Choice of Engineering Solutions on the Basis of Technical and Economic Characteristics

In the article the peculiarities of energy of a modern Lebanon were considered. The importance of energy efficiency and energy conservation in socio-economic systems of this country was shown. The analysis of the approaches to the choice of engineering solutions for the modernization of energy systems is performed. It was proposed to create an economic Toolkit to do this on the basis of the classification of engineering solutions to particular technological paradigms.


Key words: Lebanon; energy saving; energy sector modernization; selection of projects; assessment of projects; technological way.

Borovkov A. V. The Choice of Strategy Management of Information and Knowledge in the Activities of Industrial Enterprises and Business Groups

The approaches to formation of strategy of management of information and knowledge in the activities of industrial enterprises and business-groups are considered. It is established that the procedure for determining the strategy for the management of information and knowledge in the functioning and development of the enterprise or business group should include economic monitoring of the production system, the formation of alternative predictive scenarios, elaboration of criteria of achievement of development of production systems.


Key words: industry; knowledge; information; strategy; development.

Malysheva M. S., Nor-Arevyan O. A., Filonenko V. I., Shcherbakova L. I. The Role of the Family and the School in Formation Engineering and Technical Personnel (on Materials of Interregional Social Research)

The article examines the influence of primary institutions of socialization — family and school — on the formation of professional attitudes of students of engineering universities, from motives of admission to the University and profession, finishing career plans. The article is based on materials of large-scale sociological research conducted in 2016.


Key words: family; school; agents of socialization; professional installation; undergraduate socialization; students; students of engineering universities.

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