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Sychev V. A.   Business Simulation as a Tool for Effective Organization of Production Processes

In the article author examines the questions of formal description of business models production and ensuring their processes that comprise the necessary foundation to build information systems, aimed at improving efficiency of the production processes through cost management at the industrial enterprise. Modeling business processes is proposed with the use of process and object-oriented approaches in designing, and metagraphs, is considered.


Key words: business modeling; organization of production; information systems; cost management; process and object-oriented approach in designing; situational control of task solution; metagraphs.

Zinchenko E. V., Zinchenko A. V.   Using of the Lean Production Instruments to Improve the Electric Locomotives Acceptance Tests and to Otimize the Enterprise’s Quality Management Process

The article substantiates the need for an integrated approach to the quality, management at machine-building plants. As a subject of research there are processes of acceptance testing of electric locomotives and as an object — the production of LLC «PC „NEVZ“. Problems have been defined and activities concerning the reduction of non-conformities level and reduction of time electric locomotives acceptance testing have been developed. The conclusion has been done basing on results of the acceptance testing processes optimization with the use of lean manufacturing.


Key words: quality management; process optimization; acceptance tests; non-conformities. corrective actions; preventive actions; traction rolling stock; commissioning; standard of the enterprise.

Shvets Y. Y.   Methodological and Normative Interpretation of Medical Services Quality Management

The article considers the system of state and public management of the quality of medical services in Russia. The competence and authority of bodies and organizations to manage the quality of medical services at the federal, local and private levels fixed at the regulatory level are considered. On the basis of the study, negative aspects of the organization and functioning of the management and control bodies were revealed, which minimize the effectiveness of ensuring the quality of the services provided. The theoretical and practical proposals of economists to improve the organization and methodology of the activities of bodies and organizations that manage or carry out quality control of medical services are analyzed.


Key words: health system; health management; governance authorities; control; quality of medical services; federal level of health care; regional health care; municipal level of health care.

Filippov S. V., Kuzminov A. N., Yarovoy N. A.   Formation Mechanisms for Sustainable Development of Industrial Enterprises Based on Informatization of Production Activities

Authors presented a review of mechanisms creation for the ensuring of industrial enterprises’ sustainable development basing on modern information management technologies. They also identified traditional approaches’ shortcomings associated with the volume, accuracy, completeness and consistency of the source data that limit the enterprises’ ability to plan production activities. Using of the technocenologic patterns within the system of management of industrial enterprises is also presented.


Key words: sustainable development; information technology management; industrial enterprises; production management; production program; technocenos.

Botnaruyk M. V.   Management of Stevedoring Company’s Costs: Institutional and Marketing Aspects

Presented article is devoted to the problems of how the different approaches to the company’s costs management become actual. The results of studying the specifics of costs that are attributed to the cost of stevedore company’s loading and unloading operations are presented. Author presents an original classification of transaction costs. It takes into account the branch specifics of the stevedoring services and the principle of cost management, basing on the concept of marketing partnerships and taking into account the institutional aspects of business. Using of these approaches is to ensure the formation of true customer’s loyalty.


Key words: cost management; a stevedoring company; transaction costs; marketing partnerships; institutional approach.

Gnezdova Y. V.   Increasing the Efficiency of Fixed Assets Use at the Instrument Making Enterprises

In the article some key questions of development and increasing management effectiveness during the functioning of the instrument-making branch’s enterprises are considered basing on the conditions of uncertainty and risk. As a fundamental factor that determines production activities’ effectiveness level the fixed assets are presented. These funds are which are allocated from the general system of resource capacity of the enterprise by the considerable specific weight and a special role in production of the industrial enterprises and their different ways of functioning under the new conditions of managing.


Key words: fixed assets; region; cluster; public administration; financing of the economy’s branches.

Petrov A. V.   Gas-Transport Enterprises’ Affecting of the Environment: The Analysis

The condition of the surrounding environment is an important component of each branch of the national economy including gas supply. Production and transportation of gas has significant effect on a condition of the surrounding environment and especially in those cases when in insufficient degree nature protection actions are developed and take root. In the offered article the analysis of these processes and also some recommendations about improvement of an ecological component in gas industry are given.


Key words: analysis; gas industry; production; transportation; gas pipeline; environment.

Khalfin R. M.   Company’s Purchasing System: How to Prevent Conflict of Interest and Opportunistic Behavior

In the article author presents the review of business processes that exist during the big-size production companies’ purchasing departments work and the ways how conflict of interests or opportunistic behavior may take place during these processes. It’s proved that these negative processes may be prevented or minimized by the independent service for control of company’s internal processes. This service should valuate the future contracts using the instruments of technological paradigm theory.


Key words: purchasing; conflict of interests; opportunistic behavior; contract valuation; internal control.

Pereyaslova O. G.   Business Information and Case Control of Production

In the work author presents a review of the case-control of business processes and the function of information technologies in these processes. There are also presented some architectural features of systems based on the object-oriented paradigm.


Key words: architecture; case-control; engineering; information system; lifecycle.

Sycheva V. G., Trofimova A. S.   Method of the Enterprise’s Financial Conditions Valuation Based on the Cash Flow

Authors discussed the development of the system that’s used for the analysis of the company’s financial conditions. This system is to be based not only on the «traditional» liquidity ratio, solvency, financial stability, profitability, but also on the company’s cash flows indexes.


Key words: financial accounting and reporting; standard ratios for financial statements analysis; revenues; expenditures; accounting profit; cash flow; cash ratios for the analysis.

Pakhomova A. A., Roskoshnaya A. S.   Criteria for Estimation of Innovation and Investment Projects in Agribusiness

In the article features of using the innovative activities by agrarian and industrial complex, namely in plant growing are considered. The expediency of using the methods of innovation and investment projects in agribusiness is grounded; the need for their adaptation to the needs of agricultural producers is identified. Approbation of the described algorithm is presented, for example, the introduction of innovation in the production and processing of crop production by «Ermak» LLC in the Rostov region. The criteria for assessing the technical and economic parameters of investment projects in crop production are proposed.


Key words: agribusiness; innovations; investments; plant growing; efficiency.

Tkacheva O. A., Meshchaninova E. G.   Application of Remote Sensing Data in the Cadaster

The information in the real estate cadaster is prepared in different ways: traditional methods of land survey, remote sensing methods (surveying by air or cosmos), by monitoring, inspection, measurement and inventory of theobjects. Currently, remote sensing (RS) has a great importance of obtaining highly accurate cadastral data and also ensures the completeness and accuracy of planning and cartographic material, allows you to get an array of data of the study area, gives an opportunity to make both quantitative and qualitative characterization of it. Conducted a retrospective analysis of the DMZ devices, from balloons to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), allowed us to determine the main directions of the use of remote sensing data in various fields of human activity. Particular attention was paid to the possibility of using images from the UAV in the cadastral activities, in particular the implementation of accounting functions. Advantages and disadvantages of the use of images from the UAV were evaluated by the SWOT-analysis and the McKinsey matrix.


Key words: remote sensing; aerial photography; cadastral operations; real estate cadaster; the UAV.

Sapyanaya E. M.   Analysis and Evaluation of Social and Economic Development Indexes of the Donetsk Region

Author presented a retrospective analysis of social and economic development of the Donetsk region. It’s revealed that the enterprises related to industrial sector made production according to the whole Soviet Union requirements — in the region the most developed branches were the ones that made production for the «export» out of the region’s borders. Historically created economic orientation of Donetsk region defined its further development directed to expansion of extensive production of natural resources. Region «inherited» the export model of development leaning mainly on outdated branch structure and technologies. During assessment of social and economic development of Donetsk region absolute and dynamic measures were analyzed, such as: physical GRP volume, release by types of economic activity, the volume of the sold industrial output, an index of agricultural production, the physical volume of investment, an index of the real wage.


Key words: region; social and economic development; structural transformations; region’s economy; branch structure.

Mosiyenko O. S., Filonenko Y. V., Shcherbakova L. I.   Directions of Technical Colleges Students’ Professional Socialization in the Rostov Region

In the article authors review a specifics of technical Universities students’ professional socialization in the Rostov region in dynamics, basing on the data of sociological research «Socialization and education of student youth in the Rostov region universities» (2006 and 2011), «The contradictions and paradoxes of the student youth socialization under the modern Russian society’s transitivity conditions» (2016). The basic motivation for choosing a University and the special subject, attitudes toward the chosen engineering and technical specialty, as well as the students’ opinions about how the received engineering and technical education determines their future position in the social structure of society are also revealed.


Key words: professional socialization; professional self-determination; students; motivation for choosing a profession.

Neveselov A. A., Skorik A. P.   Essence of the State: Search for Paradigmal Bases

The multidimensional essence (different aspects) of the state is one of the key problems of the theory of state and law. The authors want by their research to expand existing theoretical ideas about the state's purpose. For the conceptual clarification of the essence of the state, in addition to the traditional criterion of socio-political interest are used: the criterion of socio-organizational stability, the criterion of the influence of various religious systems, the criterion of the impact of ethnic groups, and the criterion of racial orientation.


Key words: the state; interpretation; qualitative characteristics; society; law; essence; theory; function.

Archim. Lazarus (Y. D. Kulikov)   Orthodox Pedagogy: Problems and Prospects

In the article author analyzes the basic ideas in modern philosophy of science; describes the experience of coordination of scientific methodology in the situation of postmodernism, theocentric orthodox science and Orthodox Christ-centered pedagogy; it’s also provided the author’s hypothesis about the categorical apparatus of Orthodox pedagogy.


Key words: ontological pedagogy; Orthodox pedagogy; the Holy-ternary paradigm; theocentricity; Christ-centric; kinonichesky (κοινωνία) method; co-existence; co-existential communion; categorical apparatus of Orthodox pedagogy.

Zagirova E. M.   Reproductive Behaviour of the Dagestan People (by the Results of Sociological Poll)

Development and transformations of a family institution are closely related with reproductive behavior reveals. Basing on the results of sociological research, author presents a review of the Dagestan peoples reproductive behavior, dynamics of the reproductive paradigms’ changing during a child-bearing planning, assessment and the attitude to abortion and motherhood.


Key words: Dagestan peoples; the reproductive attitudes and reproductive behavior; marital issues; family; family values; the family institution; motherhood.

Shirobokova S. N., Kholodkov V. S., Beybalaew A. M.   Software Instruments for the Researching of Students’ Interests Based on the Analysis of Their Social Network VKontate Communities’ Membership

The article presents the results of research into the interests of students on the basis of the analysis of thematic communities, which consist of students at similar departments in different institutions, using the technology of API requests.


Key words: VKontakte; social network; API; API request; iframe-application; communities on social networks.

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