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Petrov A. V. Assessment of Environmental Aspects of the Sustainable Functioning of the Gas Transportation System of the Region

The article analyzes the main factors that determine the sustainability of the regional gas transport system. Key attention is paid to the environmental aspects of the issue, and therefore carried out evaluation of aspects of data management in the context of sustainable development of the gas transportation system of the Rostov region.


Key words: transportation of hydrocarbons; the gas transportation system; sustainable development; environmental aspects; Rostov region; «Gazprom».

Shchitov S. E., Cheshev A. S. Environmental Aspects of the Use of Resource-Saving Technologies in Agro-Farming

Natural resources substantially change and lose the qualities under the influence of technogenic loadings therefore the main condition of social and economic development of society is steadily safe condition of environment. The ignoring of ecological factors in agrarian land use throughout the long period continuing and now, has led to creation of economically inefficient system of land use and ecologically unbalanced agrolandscapes. Systematic transition to ecologically safe, nature protection and resource-saving system of agriculture — the main condition of more productive use of bioclimatic potential, growth of productivity and production efficiency, overcoming of processes of degradation of soils and desertification of the territories. Reduction of depth of the processed layer under grain crops not always requires additional costs on protection of crops against weeds or the increased regulations of mineral fertilizers.


Key words: agrarian land use; fertility of soils; soil-protective handling; resource-saving agriculture; erosion of soils; agromeliorative agriculture; ecology; melioration; technology.

Zelenskaya O. A., Koryagina E. V. Improving the System of Training of Manpower for the Tourism Sector of the Russian Economy

The article describes an effective method of influence on the system of training of highly qualified personnel for the tourism industry through improving the state educational standards, based on methodology appropriate to the given field of business competencies that can affect the level of professional thesaurus of labor resources of the industry.


Key words: human resources; competence; thesaurus; educational program; strategy.

Cherkesova E. Y., Savchishkina E. P. Methodological Approaches to Assessing the Management Capacity as an Effective Tool of the Competent Management

The article highlights the methodological approaches to the assessment of the management capacity, the results of a rapid assessment and diagnosis of the limitations of management capacity of managers on the example of the city of Rostov region JSC «Corporation „Gloria Jeans“ and „McDonald’s“.


Key words: evaluation of management capacity; express estimation; diagnosis restrictions of management capacity; management profile; control system; level of management maturity.

Dolmatova L. G., Petrova I. A. Key Factors of State Regulation of Economic Relations of Agricultural Enterprises

The article analyzes the main factors of economic regulation of agricultural enterprises. Details are set out issues of financial state support mechanisms for managing the enterprise and transform vnutriekonomical relations between business entities.


Key words: economic relations; management; regulation; agricultural enterprises; development; efficiency.

Musaev L. A. Entropy Approach to Risk Management in Economic Systems

The behavior of active economic management systems influencing the activities of risk risk areas the environment using the entropy approach. Based on the minimax approach is proposed to assess the risks affecting the company’s activities, and their ranking with the aim of optimising management.


Key words: entropy; economic system; risk management; minimax approach; ranking of the risks.

Dolmatov N. P., Mikheyev A. V. Calculation of Technical and Economic Characteristics of the Combined Working Body Denopamine Machine

The purpose of this article is the calculation of technical and economic characteristics of the combined working organ drenopromyvochnoy machine. It is established that the scheme applied by the working bodies drenopromyvochnyh machines are not always and not everywhere effectively erode the silt. It is proved that the silt in the drainage pipes, drainage and irrigation zone areas are of different chemical composition and physical and mechanical. Therefore, the calculation of the working body of the machine parameters drenopromyvochnoy irrigation zones give the necessary savings in energy and water.


Key words: the working chamber; flooding; jet forming nozzles; technical and economic parameters; diffuser angles; drenopromyvochnoe device; flow; pressure; the geometric dimensions.

Salnikova Y. K. Some Problems of Russian Machine-Building Enterprises

The article presents the main investment directions of major industrial enterprises. The investment activity of one of the Russian machine-building enterprises is given. Some problems and the negative trends emerging are identified. The measures to improve them are offered.


Key words: modernization of the enterprise; investment activity; modernization project; technical re-equipment.

Dashevskaya I. E. The Formation of Technological Structures and Their Relationship with the N. D. Kondratieff's Cycles

In the article the peculiarities of formation of new technological structures in production systems industry were considered. Mapped time limits and maintenance of technological structures with Kondratieff cycles. It is proved that in the phase of formation of the technological structure the crucial role played by financial agents, seeking opportunities for new investment. In the growth phase, the leadership passes to the agents of production, industrial capital. Analysis of existing approaches to allocation of technical solutions to the respective technological system.


Key words: technological way; Kondratieff cycles; economic growth; NBIC-convergence; the production function.

Kanunnikov A. V. Assets of the Modern Enterprise, the Place of Fixed Capital and the Efficiency of Its Use

In the article the peculiarities of the economic content of the basic capital of the industry in terms of reindustrialization and the formation of new production systems were considered. The processes of capitalization of value and capital accumulation are investigated including part of the capital, receiving cash and forming a sinking Fund, as the basis not only for renovation but also the implementation of the net investment.


Key words: fixed capital; equipment; reindustrialization; economic evaluation; production efficiency.

Borovkov A. V. The Economic Essence of Production Resources in Conditions of Re-Industrialization

The article analyzes features of management of economic resources in production systems industry in the context of reindustrialization. It is proved that in this case, the most promising theory antropogen production, considering the likelihood of finding resources in the production system in a given time.


Key words: reindustrialization; production system; economic resources; antroposphere production; information.

Larkova E. P., Rodionova O. Y. Model of Labour Relations Management for Providing of Stable Work of Enterprise Personnel Potential

In the article the questions of labour relations management for providing of steady work of skilled potential of enterprise are considered. The necessity of management of labour relations is exposed, the factors of influence external and internal on the management by the labour relations are considered. The use of model of development of labour relations on enterprises is offered. The features of its application are exposed.


Key words: nterprise; personnel; potential; development; factors; model.

Didenko I. V., Pesentseva I. N. Features of Management of Educational Activity of Students in Modern Higher Education Institution: Theoretical Bases of Sociological Research

In article teoretical and methodological basics of sociological research of management of educational activity of modern student’s youth are covered. The essence and content of the concept «management of educational activity» reveal, mechanisms of management of educational activity of students in modern higher education institution on the basis of use of the principles of complex and interdisciplinary approaches come to light.


Key words: educational activity; mechanisms of management of educational activity.

Vedernikova M. V., Bondarenko O. V. The Impact of School Reform in the Socialization of Adolescents

Current adolescence formed special features, substantially due to the impact of socialization — family institutions. Teens pragmatically oriented to work and profession, and at the same time, mostly inclined to support urban models consumerism behavior, infantile in nature. They live in the world of gadgets and information support large, dence coverage of public relations, the impact of the current environment, but the structure of socializing influences coming from the school in many ways.


Key words: youth; teens; educational environment; socialization.

Pashaeva M. R. The Role of Manager in the System of Management Culture in Modern Theatre: Sociological Aspect

In this article the author discuss the role of manager in the system of management culture in modern theatre. The theater organizations take a special place in the market system and are seldom studied from the perspective of management. Also we consider results of social research: ideal description of managers of culture and arts organization, age, professional skills, problem aspects. In the study were used such methods of research: quantative method of elicitation — questionnaire; information processing methods of primary analysis; interpretation. The question is discussed from a perspective opinion of employees of theatre.


Key words: the management culture; the theaters; managers of culture; sociological analysis; management sociology.

Sukov Y. S. Fulfillment of the Sports Preferences at the University: Mechanisms and Conditions for Support

Analyze issues of self-realization of students in sports and its sports preferences. The results of sociological research carried out by the author in March 2015 are set out in the article. The article presents the results of the survey conducted by the author in March 2015, in order to identify sporting preferences of students and determine the level of satisfaction with the university for sports self-realization of young people. The need to develop this problem due to the need to develop effective measures for the development of mass sports in high school.


Key words: self-realization; sport; self-realization in sport; sports preferences of young people.

Degtyarev A. K., Kolomiets A. V. The Tajik Students in the Russian Higher Education Institution: Perception and Assessment of the International Relations

This article aimed at analysis of Tadjik students influence on conditions and prospects of the international relations in higher education institution. The conclusion, based on the received results of social applied research, showed up that the most effective form of stability of the international relations in higher education institution is implementation of joint participation in educational, professional and organizational activities.


Key words: inter-ethnic relations; technical university; students; Tajik association; partnership model; student’s group.

Klimuk V. V., Komarov O. E. Method Performance Evaluation of the Teaching Staff of Universities

In this article the problems of performance evaluation of teaching staff of universities. As a base the analysis of selected Pavlodar State Pedagogical University and Innovative University of Eurasia. Assessment of the quality of teachers asked to determine the procedure ranged integral approach, since the work of the teacher multidirectional and evaluate it accordingly is necessary. To this end, the effectiveness of the integrated ungrouped into components: research work and teaching. Each element is represented by component presented net of distribution points for each achievement (articles, monographs, textbooks, scientific and practical activities, etc.). Submitted by testing the proposed methodology for assessing the quality of the teacher’s work: minimum, moderate and high. «Science-Teaching» for a visual reflection and ranking of the teaching staff for the performance levels proposed four-element array. Also proposed valuation of the work of the teacher as a basis for additional material stimulation of the quality of the educational process.


Key words: assessment; quality of work; work; faculty; institution of higher education.

Naumova N. A. Use of Information and Communication Technologies in the Educational Process

The article demands overview of theoretical approaches and normative approaches to development of information educational environment of higher education institutions. The author considers classification of existing types of social networks and their description. It also contains main principles of information education environment for high school which are based on social network concept. 


Key words: information society; information and communication technologies; information educational environment of high school; social network; participants of learning process; educational technologies.

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