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Volochienko V. A. Operational Management of Lean Production

Procedure of «lean production» operational management functioning of production system «Toyota» is considered. Results of the effective functioning of «lean production» operational management analysis are given. Solutions for using of positive experience of «lean production» operational management in the domestic production systems are proposed. Recommendations for improving of domestic production systems organization to enhance their «thrift» are given.


Key words: lean production; planning; control; operational management of production; realtime.

Kolbachev E. B. Planning for the Development of Organizational Structures and Production Processes in the Context of Reindustrialization

In the article the peculiarities of designing of organizational structure of enterprises conducting technological modernization of their production systems in terms of reindustrialization. Proven that the most effective management of the processes of transformation of organizational structure can be carried out when using the entropy index. The proposed approach to the creation of economic tools to control the development of the organizational structure.


Key words: reindustrialization; organizational structure; production systems; modernization; entropy.

Zaretsky A. D., Ivanova T. E., Platonova V. V. Innovative Approaches to the Investment Project Management in Oil and Gas Complex

The article deals with the market problem of world oil and gas industry that complicate the development of international and Russian companies. The focus is on the impact of sanctions and international conjuncture in the development of domestic companies, as well as internal corporate factors that companies can decide on their own. Causes of low quality of management and the conditions of driving performance in investment projects including strategic planning and project management, improving human resources policy have been analyzed.


Key words: oil and gas industry; driving performance in investment projects; economic sanctions; innovative ways of project management.

Sychev V. A., Semenycheva M. A. Business Modeling in the Problems of Management Accountingi Paint Production

Discusses the issues of generalization of experience of international practices to the tasks of cost accounting and costing-market products. It is shown that an effective solution of this problem is possible with the application of the process and the graph of approaches in structuring the business processes of production and identification of resources allocated to them, subject to control and analysis in management accounting.


Key words: management accounting; business process; cost; production cost; coating materials; graph; metagraph.

Zaitseva I. V. Tactics of Risk Management

The article presents a proposal to clarify the risk-management tactics used during the feasibility study of investment programs in the electric power from the pre-treatment phase of the initial statistical information.


Key words: risk management strategy; statistical methods of risk assessment; criteria of economic feasibility; sensitivity analysis of project performance; probabilistic characteristics of the original information.

Dulin A. N., Rybalkin D. A. Synthesis of a Trading Robot Based on Preinstrumental Indicators and the Experience of Its Operation

Forex market trading procedure is very time consuming and requires constant presence near Trader trading platform monitor. To reduce labor costs, as well as the load on the nervous system of the trader develop the technique of trading robot on the basis of new indicators developed by the authors. The article presents the results of operation for 16 months.


Key words: Forex market; trading robot; multicurrency indicator; the financial result. 

Okley P. I. Multidimensional Economic and Technological Testing Model of Thermal Power Plants Unit (on Example of KashGRES)

There is created a matrix of economic and technological model (ETM) of power plant unit testing, which adapts to the example of the functioning of the Kashira power plant. ETM represents the totality of all the economic and technological processes associated with the conversion of heat into electrical resources. The proposed matrix structure and the program calculates a mathematical issues and supply to consumers of energy resources, as well as the prices and the added value of a unit of energy resources for all pieces of equipment belonging to the ETM model that test analysis in a summary report TPP economic indicators. ETM model is applicable for testing of other thermal power plants.


Key words: thermal power plants; economic and technological model; production assets’ management system.

Pereyaslova O. G., Udovenko V. A. Prerequisites of Creation of Regional Innovative System: Technical University

Author analyzed the ways of overcoming the negative tendency to the degradation of the human capital in the provincial regions of Russia and other countries of the Eastern Europe. It’s shown that the important role in the processes of solving the problem should be played by the technical universities, situated in the small towns of the region.


Key words: higher education; human capital; institutional designing; regional development; technopolis.

Budashevskij V. G., Pastukhova O. N. Features of Forecast and Analytical Estimation of Economic Efficiency Innovative and Investment Projects with Provision for Demand Uncertainty

The features of account of uncertainty and risks investment and innovation projects both at development and choice of base variant and at forecast of sustainability. For a more reasoned and effective this task solution in addition to the traditional methods proposed to apply the methods of game theory and the theory design of experiment, as well as the model of the  «innovationresources» and fuller criteria of the project economic efficiency.


Key words: project; innovations; investor; demand uncertainty; criteria of efficiency; sustainability; game theory; design of experiment methods.

Skuratov A. B. Leadership in Local Online Communities: Social Stratification Analysis

This article discusses aspects of the stratification of network societies, in particular given the existence of the characteristic features of leadership in the local Internet community. The study of the manifestations of various aspects of leadership in virtual groups based on a practical case study, the aim of which was social stratification analysis of local online communities that exist in cyberspace large Russian cities. The summary of theoretical positions and processing of the data, the author concludes that leadership is a factor, on the one hand, ensuring the consolidation of the social structure of the local Internet community, on the other hand, it acts as a catalyst of social mobility and stratification of the dynamics of the system. Abstracts of articles may be used in the implementation of socio-philosophical and sociological analysis of the phenomena caused by the development of the Internet.


Key words: leadership; virtual community; online community; stratification; information society; social structure.

Hitrinsev V. B. Methodological Problems Formation Labour Motivation Crisis

The article considers some methodological aspects of the motivational crisis in labour relations, the basic principles of its formation, substantiates the importance of introducing market forms and systems of remuneration, subject to the methodological features of application of rating employees.


Key words: labor; labor motivation; labor motivation crisis; the market wage system; the rating of employees.

Namestnikova L. S., Pakhomov A. A. A Systematic Approach to Performance Management of Production Systems

A systematic approach to performance management of production systems involves understanding interrelated organizational processes of an enterprise, and sets out the inextricable link with the strategic goals of the organization. The article also discusses the concept of the cyclical dynamics of the socio-economic systems, given the algorithm of a standardized model to manage the processes of modernisation and innovation in the productive system.


Key words: system approach; performance management; production system; control system.

Maksutova E. R. The Creation of Innovation-oriented Production Systems the Enterprises of the Holding and Ensure Their Sustainability

In the article the peculiarities of creation of innovation-oriented production systems the enterprises entering into holding. The methods of carrying out outsourcing of innovationoriented production systems. The algorithm of outsourcing. The proposed approach to creating a methodological complex for the management of innovation-oriented production systems in the enterprises belonging to the holding companies.


Key words: innovations; production systems; holding companies; outsourcing; the cost of the business.

Nikulina M. A., Nikolaeva L. S., Zagorskaya O. V. Postmodern and Culture

In article the postmodern as the phenomenon and a condition of modern culture, the main points of view on a postmodern is analyzed; the modernist style as the predecessor of a postmodern, rizomny understanding of a postmodernism is analyzed; the rizome as a metapattern inviting to historical creativity is characterized.


Key words: postmodern; rizoma; postmodernism; rationalism; transitions between heterogeneous language games; a metapattern; game.

Sinugina T. V. Termination of Employment in Connection with a Reduction in Staff of the Organization: the Practical Aspect

The reduction in staff of the organization or individual entrepreneur is one of the grounds for terminating an employment contract on the initiative of the employer, identified in the Labour code of the Russian Federation.


Key words: employment contract; labor laws; labor relations; the termination of the employment contract; judicial practice.

Savenko V. G. Current Status of Research and Development on Problems of the Competence of Graduates of Technical Universities and the Problem of Development

The article discusses the current state of pedagogical research in the field of formation of competences of graduates of technical universities. Considered the most important work in this area in recent years in Russia. Formulated research priorities in this area. The necessity of creation of a paradigm of teaching in higher education.


Key words: higher education; pedagogy; competences; students; technical universities.

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