Social and Economic Science
Number 1  2019 is published


General information:

The founder and the publisher of the Bulletin is the South-Russian State Technical University (Novocherkassk Polytechnical Institute).

The Bulletin was founded in 2008.

Periodicity of release – 6 issues in a year

The Bulletin is registered in Federal Service on Supervision in the Sphere of Communication, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (Certificate PI FS 77-37943, given in November, 5th, 2009).

The Bulletin is registered in ISSN International Center: ISSN number 2075-2067.

The information on clauses, published in the Bulletin is being regularly presented to the Russian Index of Scientific Citing (RISC), basing on the established forms.

The Bulletin is being dispatched to the Russian State Library, and to other top-level libraries, educational and scientific institutes of the Russian Federation and other countries.

The Bulletin is included to a List of the Russian scientific issues, which are reviewed by the Higher Certifying Commission of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation. In the issues from the List the basic scientific results of researches, presented to competition for Doctor’s and Candidate’s scientific degrees, should be published (item 514 in the List, edition of 10.22.2010).


Any offence against the copyright laws will be prosecuted.


Reprinting of the Bulletin’s materials is supposed only if it’s approved by the editorial board.


The basic items of the Bulletin:

1.     Economics and management of a national economy.

2.     Economy, organization and management of the enterprises, industries, industrial complexes of the agrarian and industrial complex and national agriculture, transportation, construction engineering, and other branches.

3.     Management of the innovations.

4.     Economy of the engineering.

5.     Organization of the manufacturing.

6.     Marketing and management.

7.     Standardization and quality control.

8.     National finances and monetary circulation.

9.     Mathematical methods and the economy.

10.   Accounting and the administrative account.

11.   World economy and the external economic links.

12.   Economic sociology.

13.   Sociology of management.

14.   Social structure, social institutions and processes.

15.   History of the economy, science and technologies.


The list of presented items of the Bulletin does not mean that the author should choose only one of these themes for the publication. If the presented material is recognized by the editorial board as an interesting and actual, the item list can be expanded.

The material, which is represented for publication, can be different enough: from statement of problems and theoretical questions, ideas of development for new directions in economy and sociology, to description and the analysis of the specific researches’ results. In the articles also can be concerned other problems of the theory and practice of managing the economic and social systems.

The certain place in the Bulletin is given to a chronicle of events in the scientific world and the information on various scientific, practical and applied actions and projects.

The journal is indexed in databases: the Russian index of scientific citing (RISC); ULRICHSWEB Global Serials Directory.


The editor-in-chief (scientific editor):


Kolbachev Evgeny Borisovich, doctor of economic Sciences, candidate of technical Sciences, Professor, Dean of faculty innovation and organization of production, head of Department «Production and innovation management».

The author of the famous studies on innovation management, Economics of industry and transport, engineering Economics, higher school management. The Creator of the research areas in Economics and management of production systems.

Tel./fax: +7 (8635) 25-56-66;


Published since 2008
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